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Ninja Poll 129: Misterpoll Uncensored 2008-06-04
$*£@ me!
The Better Email 2008-06-02
made this poll for fun....i get bored easily.....
Who is the best Registrar? 2008-06-02 (closed)
Who is the best Registrar?
Avatar Size 2008-06-02
Avatar Size
Ninja Poll 126: Subscribers 2008-06-02
Subsribing to Pollsters has been an idea on Misterpoll for a while now, and I'm just curious of w...
Content-Free Friday #215: Instant Messaging 2008-05-24
Answers to fill-in-the-blank questions posted at <a href="http://www.touchytranny.com/200...
Ninja Poll 121: Your Blogs 2008-05-24
Ninja Poll 121: Your Blogs
Who is More Popular On Isketch? 2008-05-24 (closed)
Who is More Popular On Isketch?
Ninja Poll 120: What poll should I do? 2008-05-22
This poll asks you, the people, what I should do for my poll Ninja Poll 133. What should I do?
Ninja Poll 112: Why do you make polls? 2008-05-22
Why does one come onto Misterpoll and make such polls? Is it just Curiosity, or is it something m...
Ninja Poll 110: What is the deal with your username? 2008-05-22
You username is something you need to be happy with. So why on earth did you pick THAT one?
Ninja Poll 109: Online Gambling 2008-05-22
This poll is about Gambling online. Enjoy.
Poll to Study the Effects of Layout-Cohesive Advertising on the User 2008-05-22
In this poll (which will be part of a larger article hopefully to be published in the webdesigner...
Webkinz 2008-05-22
Ebay vs Craigslist vs Amazon vs Your Own Site 2008-05-22
which method do you prefer to use for buying and selling your goods?
Most disturbing? 2008-05-16
Most disturbing?
How many tabs are open right now in your web browser? 2008-05-16 (closed)
How many tabs are open right now in your web browser?
Ninja Poll 101: A new Generation of polls 2008-05-16
What do you think of the last 100 polls? Seriously?
Blackninja133 Poll#96: New ideas from blackninja133! 2008-05-16
Are these good category suggestions? You decide! Also, if you have any of your own post them in t...
webcam stripping 2008-05-16 (closed)
What would you watch or do
whyville 2008-05-13
Blackninja133 Poll#89: Vidoes Of You 2008-05-13
Hi there, ninja students! We will venture into another poll.
Can i has Cheezburger? 2008-05-13
Can iz has a Cheezburger
Women's Wrestling on Youtube 2008-05-12 (closed)
What has Youtube done for/to the exciting sport of women's wrestling?
Voting on other people's polls. 2008-05-03
Voting on other people's polls.