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Privacy and social networking 2009-02-04 (closed)
We are the Social Media Forum, and we want to talk about the effect social media and web 2.0 have...
Should I be a Youtube Partner? 2009-02-04 (closed)
Vote to convince youtube that you all enjoy my videos and want me to do more with the partnership...
Should all websites be built? 2009-02-04
Should all websites be built?
Internet Usage 2009-01-23 (closed)
Internet Usage
popular sites 2009-01-21
i just am dying to know what do people think is the better site?
PHP5 Zendframework VS Ruby on Rails 2009-01-21
would you rather use PHP-ZF or RoR and why?
Funkey Survivor 2009-01-20 (closed)
all different funkeys come in for a survivor with 3 tribes full of all different survivor fun
Cheating on Mister Poll 2009-01-19 (closed)
Hi, I made a phony poll, and am now wondering if that is bad.
Facebook picture tag survey 2009-01-18 (closed)
Favorite pet 2009-01-18
Favorite pet
what is the grossest and most disturbing video on the web 2009-01-14
what is the most barbaric?
Nombres tentativos Jornadas 2009-01-05
Nombre definitivo que llevaran las Jornadas sobre Conocimiento Libre y Educación (CLED) a desarr...
In a street fight to the death, who would win? 2009-01-03 (closed)
tiger woods 6'3" 185 tyler hansborough 6'9" 225 (aka Psycho T)
The BIG Questions About Search Engines 2008-12-29
You know you want to know about everyone elses views on these questions, don't lie :)
Internet access 2008-12-19
Do you think that having internet access avaliable to everyone is a good thing are there too man...
Do you parents read your email? 2008-12-15
I'm just curious how many parents do. I feel like it's an invasion of privacy, personally. Please...
Craiglist Musician, forum or not 2008-12-12 (closed)
Users of the Musician section of craigslist can vote for whether they like forum like opinion pos...
Internet Advertising 2008-12-04 (closed)
Advertisers spend billions on internet ads. This is a quick poll to asses internet users opinions...
new runescape debate 2008-12-04
new runescape debate
What do you think? 2008-12-03
Do you think I should change the name of the site? It's up to you guys!
Facebook Survey 2008-11-21 (closed)
Facebook Survey
What about Webkinz? 2008-11-21 (closed)
This is a cool poll about Webkinz.
cut back on Christmas shopping 2008-11-18 (closed)
cut back on Christmas shopping
Webkinz 2008-11-16 (closed)
Cyber Bully Research 2008-11-15
This is a little survey about Cyber Bullying (bullying via electronic means eg cell phones, email...