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J&J 2009-07-17 (closed)
im a big hello kitty fan
Widget Survey 2009-07-17
Widget Survey
Are You a Member of Chatterb0x (http://z3.invisionfree.com/Chatterb0x/index.php) 2009-07-15
Are You a Member of Chatterb0x (http://z3.invisionfree.com/Chatterb0x/index.php)
Do you Like General Chat Boards? 2009-07-15 (closed)
Do you like General Chat Boards or more specific ones? If you like general ones, go to http://...
try jailbreaking again or not? 2009-07-15 (closed)
i tried to jailbreak using redsn0w today visya crashed it mid jaibreak and i lost service to att....
Would you take more polls for cash? 2009-07-14
You currently take polls just for fun on Mister Poll, but what if you could earn cash and other r...
Which blogging site should I use? 2009-07-13
Which Blogging site should I use? Tumblr looks cooler and has a few features like audio blogging...
worst youtube personalities 2009-07-10 (closed)
worst youtube personalities
Who Should I Send My Guitar Hero Guitar To? 2009-07-03 (closed)
See title. =/
Social Networking 2009-07-03
Poll on the usage of social networking sites e.g. facebook and myspace
WHO ELSE HATES WEBSENSE?? 2009-07-02 (closed)
i want to know how many other people hate websense...
MySpace or Facebook? 2009-06-19
MySpace or Facebook?
Antara's Poll 2009-06-15 (closed)
This is not a scientific poll. I am seeking your opinion.
cinemassacre vs that guy with the glasses 2009-06-12 (closed)
cinemassacre vs that guy with the glasses
Lying on the Internet Research 2009-06-05
Please be 100% truthful - remember this is anonymous.
Automatic Personal finance accounter 2009-06-01 (closed)
Do you want a software program to automatically check your income and expenses and let you know w...
What job suits your personality 2009-05-29 (closed)
This poll finds out your dream job!
Where did you know about us? 2009-05-28
Where did you know about us?
Internet Business 2009-05-21 (closed)
To determine if people feel this is a good time to start a business that is based on the internet.
Computer Repair 2009-05-17 (closed)
OnlineComnputerHelpers.com - Computer Repair
Green and Charitable Online Ads vs Commercial Online Ads 2009-05-15 (closed)
Green / Charitable vs Commerical Online Ads
myspace vs facebook 2009-05-11
myspace vs facebook
What's the best way to unblock facebook 2009-05-11
There is an article here: <a href="http://howtoviewprivatefacebookprofiles.com/facebook-t...
Biggest Challenge 2009-05-03 (closed)
How Hard Is It To Make Money Online?
Pro-Anorexia/Wannarexia 2009-05-03
Detailed survey for those who visit "Pro-Anorexia" or "Pro-Ana" websites and ...