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Make a choice 2009-09-23
Make a choice
No shirts allowed (Essay) 2009-09-23
An essay of a place were guys are not allowed to wear shirts.
Best Username 2009-09-22
I'm having trouble picking a username.
Who had the biggest outburst? 2009-09-15 (closed)
Who had the biggest outburst in the past week?
Does anybody use misterpoll anymore? 2009-09-15
Just wondering if people actually use this thing.
PSP Or iPod Nano 5G 2009-09-15
Hey guys just wondering if i sould get a psp probably 3000 or slim OR iPod Nano 5g!
The BIG Questions about Social Internet Networks 2009-09-13
There is so much going on with the internet and social networking. This poll shows how much you u...
UKTroopCount - Tweeting Frequency 2009-09-08
How often should UKTroopCount post tweets for each individual soldier?
Poll Box 2009-09-07
Poll Box
Wich Search Engine You Use Most ? 2009-09-05
Wich Search Engine You Use Most ?
Internet Safety 2009-09-05 (closed)
This poll is a survey about what you do on the internet, and how safe you are being.
shopping online 2009-08-31
Would you rather shop in the supermarket and wait on line to pay or would you relax at home and d...
Taking a poll on the internet 2009-08-31 (closed)
Would you ever take on a poll on the internet?
Do You Believe in Sub 4 Sub? 2009-08-31
Sub 4 Sub? Hate it or Love it?
Talk with Taj Show 2009-08-25
Describe your interview experience with Taj Longino
favorite web browser 2009-08-23 (closed)
favorite web browser
If you were looking for a counselor on the internet... 2009-08-15 (closed)
If you were looking for a counselor on the internet...
Birthday Gifts 2009-08-14
This poll has been created to determine how much you would be willing to spend on a close friend'...
Unisex? Or no unisex? 2009-08-11
Unisex? Or no unisex?
Randomness#1 2009-08-03
Random stuff.
Who do you want to win PSHBB 2009-08-03
The final of Playstation Home Big Brother
To Pay or Not to Pay 2009-08-03 (closed)
Would you pay $1 to watch a crazy live streaming of someone doing something crazy like eating a h...
Do you love me? 2009-07-21
Are you playing your love games with me?
Should Semes and Ukes have a seperate RP chat? 2009-07-21 (closed)
I am considering making a separate chatroom for S & U purely for RP. If members would please ...
do you like boberdoes on deezer 2009-07-18 (closed)
do you like boberdoes on deezer