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Journalism YouTube 2009-10-26 (closed)
Would you like to see the creation of a website dedicated to user-submitted journalism? With ...
How much time do you spend on Internet Everyday??? 2009-10-23
How much time do you spend on Internet Everyday???
Internet culture in Macedonia 2009-10-23 (closed)
This survey is to determine what Macedonian residents use their internet connection for, what sit...
orange 2009-10-23
FTC blogger rules 2009-10-23
FTC blogger rules
What is More Unpopular? 2009-10-17
A poll to determine the least popular thing on the Net
Which should be the title for my first YouTube comedy special? 2009-10-14 (closed)
I'm planning to do a YouTube comedy special plus put it on DVD. I've got so many great titles for...
Would you rather see public service online advertising than regular Google ads? 2009-10-14
Would you rather see ads for your local charities (simple, not annoying, no sounds, etc.), and ot...
YEIDA Public Poll 2009-10-14 (closed)
Please select on of the options which describes you. This is to get a sense of buyers / sellers a...
Apocalypse Reseach 2009-10-11 (closed)
Apocalypse Reseach
Who do you want to be the next mayor of CWCville? 2009-10-11 (closed)
Who do you want to be the next mayor of CWCville?
Random Stuff 2009-10-11
Just random stuff.
what kind of keyboard do you use? 2009-10-11 (closed)
I know 3 keyboards: QWERTY DVORAK & AZERTY
photos for social sites 2009-10-11
With the explosion of social sites on the Web, one has to wonder just how one should make use of ...
who's a cooler charecter 2009-10-11
wich one of kiwi's charecters is da coolist
Online surveys - are they reliable? 2009-10-08 (closed)
Online surveys - are they reliable?
2009 ATP 2009-10-08
Please provide us with your thoughts about this year's annual meeting via this poll. We strive t...
vote for ys jagan 2009-10-03
vote for ys jagan
The Telecom Giants of Pakistan face a dilemma 2009-09-27
to either opt for New Product Development or launch 3G to design ‘Intelligent Telecom Products...
Which is the best name for a graphics website? 2009-09-26 (closed)
Which is the best name for a graphics website?
Photo Contest *World Financial Crisis* Win $100 000 USD 2009-09-26 (closed)
Hi there, We would like to hear your opinion about - would you participate photo contest with to...
JOE'S SHAVED HEAD 2009-09-23 (closed)
What is your Favorite web broswer? 2009-09-23
I am trying to find out what is everyone favorite web browser.
HUGE Dilemma... 2009-09-23
Best name for a website 2009-09-23
Which name do you think is best for an online eyeglasses e-store?