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World Traveler? Where have you been? 2006-09-29
Do you consider yourslef a world traveler? Is traveling your passion or a hobby of yours? Tell us...
BRAWL!!!!!! (who would win in a fight) 2006-10-04
This thread is dedicated to all you combat nuts out there who love to see a good fight (choose wh...
Instruments 2007-02-13
What instruments do you like? Which ones do you play?
I was playing paintball with my friends when I was 10. Then my DAD got me hooked on AIRSOFT 4 ...
UK's best theme park 2008-05-24
UK's best theme park
Airbus or Boeing 2008-06-09
Choose which plane you'd prefer to fly in. If you don't know what these planes are, please don't ...
Boy Scouts 2008-07-02
Anyone who was or still is a Boy Scout may vote.
Ballet For Boys Poll And Forum 2008-11-05
This is a poll where boys and girls can discuss about boys dancing ballet.
Air Travel 2009-03-28
Air Travel
Gunge fun for a good friend's birthday! 2009-04-30
I am a 23 year old girl who is going to take 21 year old male friend for a gunge sesison at the ...
Whats healthier to smoke a pipe or cigarette. 2009-07-30
Whats healthier to smoke a pipe or cigarette.
Boy Scouts 2009-08-03
Are you in Boy Scouts
How do you consume tobacco 2009-09-07
How do you consume tobacco
do you stay up really late? 2010-03-22
its 12:00 right now in my time!
vberkvlt skateboards 2010-10-04
<img src="http://www.vberkvlt.com/pages/images/584.jpg" width="95%"> P...
Dubstep Poll 2011-11-20
Dubstep Poll
Soccer Survey (quiz) 2012-02-06
Soccer Survey (quiz)
How Should I Be Gunged 2012-06-08
How Should I Be Gunged
Speedcubing? What Rubik's Cube Method Is The Fastest For You? 2012-08-10
Okay, I consider myself a speedcuber. I am sure, compared to some of you answering this poll, I m...
American Girl Dolls 2012-08-21
Do you play with American girl dolls???
The Wine Poll 2013-02-14
This is a poll designed to determine the popularity of wines. Please answer the questions, so we...
Dance. 2013-05-13
What is your favorite type of dance?
Tobacco 2013-07-15
How do you use tobacco or do you?
Taking your kids swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and sock for fun 2013-11-18
to see if parents will take thier kids swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and socks for fun at...
presesnts wrappings 2013-12-06
how do you wrap your gifts