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Lower Back Tattoos on Men 2006-05-03
The last time I tried this people overloaded and unbalanced the numbers on purpose. Also, commen...
Girls Farting and Belching 2012-03-14
How do you girl feel about belching and farting? :I feel free:
Big Video Games Female Fighter Poll 2013-05-13
A poll about video games feminine fighters.
I'm a male slave who needs a master or mistress 2014-05-19
Message me on kik benjislave123 I need a master or mistress to punish me and control me as I cum ...
GIRLS ONLY: I'm a guy can you beat me in wrestling? 2015-01-06
Message me your results
Tickle Experience 2015-07-10
Girls only
Reborns and Silicone baby dolls 2015-08-11
Reborns and Silicone baby dolls
A virtual story 2016-11-17
I imagined a virtual TV show, or a movie story. Strict stepmother and child's story. What is t...
Car crashes 2004-08-30
I'm curious about the number and effects of car crashes on those involved.
The Best cars 2004-11-07
Hi! I want to know what people think are the best cars in the world.
RICERS vs MUSCLE CARS 2008-09-01
OK teens and young adults! Because of the somewhat STUPID movie "Fast and Furious", an...
Air Travel 2009-03-28
Air Travel
Boy Scouts 2009-08-03
Are you in Boy Scouts
Mud and Armpit farts 2011-04-08
Do you, like mud and/or armpit farts?
Tobacco 2013-07-15
How do you use tobacco or do you?
Boys Gymnastic,ballet,and Figure Skating Attire 2015-11-19
I did ballet until I was about 5 years old then stopped. I restarted ballet at the age of 20 and ...
Calligraphy 2015-12-05
A quick survey on the art of calligraphy
Cost of Tourist Attraction 2016-01-27
When you go traveling to a new city you might go to a museum, sporting event, gallery, amusement ...
I peed my pants 2016-10-13
I peed my pants so you must punish me.
story poll3 2018-12-14
story poll3
Your Hobbies 2003-04-26
What is your favourite hobby?!
Camping and bivouacking 2003-10-07
I like it- who else does? Also I get the impression that Americans camp a lot more than the Brit...
best job 2005-05-27
check the job you would most like to have
The Gym 2005-07-29
What do you do at the Gym?
feederism 2005-08-10
let's see what you think of the cult of obesity that seems to be so very popular