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Guys Mooning 2010-07-16
Guys Mooning
Boys going barefoot 2011-01-10
A poll about boys who like going barefoot
Tekken Girls 2014-12-04
Who's your favorite female fighter of Tekken ?
(Only) Boy shoeplay in class and/or shoe stealing 2016-10-23
Pool about shoeplay of boys , I love shoeplaying, and I love even more seeing someone doing it . ...
A Day At The Beach 2006-07-10
Your beach day fun.
Boys in ballet 2008-07-01
Boys in ballet are usually wearing something that resembles a one-piece bathing suit with tights....
Have YOU been gunged? 2015-07-10
Lets find out about your gunge experiences
Barefoot survey 2011-01-25
a survey about how you like to go barefoot
MALES mixed wrestling 2007-05-18
mixed wrestling poll for males
Bodypainting 2011-02-05
Have you ever been bodypainted?
Boys who take off shoes in school 2014-10-26
Boys who take off shoes in school
Feet in school 2015-01-25
Feet in school
Pie in the Face (only boys and men) 2013-08-01
Have you ever got a pie in your face?
Car trouble (girls only) 2004-03-24
This poll is to find out what women think about hard starting cars.
sockfooting 2007-09-02
I'm a 23 year old male that love going around in just his socks. I see plenty of barefooters whe...
Naked 2010-06-07
Barefoot in the Rain 2011-05-23
For girls only
What outfit to wear to be gunged in 2014-11-17
What outfit should i be gunged in whilst wearing.
Barefoot Situations! :D 2015-02-09
Barefoot Situations! :D
Philippine Mixed Wrestling 2015-09-16
Filipinos interested in mixed wrestling
guy stuff ( DUDES ONLY) 2010-02-04
guy stuff ( DUDES ONLY)
Please dare me 2018-10-11
I am 15 years old . Please give me any dares and I will do them
Kids Wrestling 2010-06-14
About clothes worn during home wrestling matches
Tickled by your best friend? 2011-08-14
Ever been tickled by your best friend?
Accidents 2012-10-04