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Fart in Face (only males) 2014-12-16
Fart in Face (only males)
gunge encounters(for girls only) 2009-09-29
This poll is for girls only so please do not answer if you are a boy!
Sending your child to a clothing optional school 2016-10-30
This poll is for parents who are raising their children in a naturist environment, who would cons...
Tickle survey 2012-05-07
Girls only
Tickling me 2017-03-08
How would you tickle me? I am 28,Male
Girls vs Guys 2011-09-09
Who would win in wrestling?
Can you beat your mom at arm wrestling? 2015-01-06
So me and my mom have been arm wrestling for about two years. I am 13 and she is mid-50s. She is ...
ever wet your pants 2009-08-03
ever wet your pants
Barefoot bliss 2010-12-28
I have recently discovered how much I enjoy walking without shoes, but I do not do it as often as...
Wetting Poll 2013-11-25
Like to hold your pee? That`s the poll for you
skinnydipping 2006-12-02
Ever enjoy nude swims with the family in a pool,c/o beach,ocean or a river?
Choose my Punishment 2013-04-01
I've been naughty and need to be punished :D
Washing the car 2004-07-20
This poll was created to find out how people wash their cars, what they wear when they're washing...
Tickling Female Singers Part 1 2009-08-15
my first poll on tickling! This one is all about female singers If you like this, then look o...
Do you smoke? 2015-09-16
Do you smoke?
(guys only) flip flops 2006-03-12
Hi guys, this is a poll about flip flops
french maid bet 2012-03-14
i lost a bet with my gf now she gets to put me in a french maid outfit and give me a wedgie?
Barefoot camping 2017-01-04
Have you gone barefoot camping? If so this is the poll for you.
Arresting ME 2012-01-04
im 20, athletic male
Gunge Me! (Guys only) 2014-02-10
I want to gunge myself but want to leave my fate to you!
Squishing animals 2008-12-31
This poll is for girls who like to squish,stomp,crush animals. Please be earnest und post your ex...
The pleasures of walking barefoot 2010-12-28
I have recently discovered how enjoyable it can be to walk barefoot, and I am curious to find out...
Washing the Car - Females Only 2005-05-31
I'd like to hear from Females and find out what they wear when they're washing the car, if they w...
Soaking your sneakers 2007-06-10
Ever since I was a kid, I always loved getting wet in my shoes and socks. Just wondering who els...
boys in girl clothes 2009-06-03
boys in girl clothes