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The wonderful world of SHOPPING! 2007-08-04
Hi! I personally love to shop! So, for the fun of it (and by request) I am making a poll about ...
Pictures 2007-11-08
I want to enter a photograph contest. What picture do you think is the best?
Learning the Spanish language (for non-native speakers) 2008-04-14
This is a poll to learn how people have learnt Spanish and what is considered the best/most effec...
American Girl 2008-04-16
American Girl
what is your favorite fire arm? 2008-05-03
vote for your best fire-arm
Ninja Poll 117: Favourite Holiday destination? 2008-05-22
Favourite Holiday destination?
Polar Bear Dip - Guys Only 2008-06-09
Okay guys, here is your chance to share your experiance. If you are a female, please take my fem...
Your favorite point of view 2008-06-16
I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments of your time to participate in this...
do you have a pool 2008-07-23
do you have a pool
For those who love fashion 2008-07-31
This poll was made to further research girls between the ages of 17-25 on how they interpret fash...
Rubik's cubes 2008-12-29
Can you solve the cube? How? and what type?
Traveling 2 2009-02-04
Traveling 2
What Do You Want In a New Ford Car? 2009-02-13
Is Ford's commitment to safety your number one concern? How about legendary Ford power? Do you pr...
The World Map! 2009-02-27
Where would you like to go? be an adventurer through forests and deserts and caves! anything! tha...
What is better Ferrari or Lamborghini 2009-04-09
What is better Ferrari or Lamborghini
Coats and Jackets 2009-05-14
On a scale of 1 to 10 how would rate each coat/jacket? 10 being the sexiest look
How many dishes do you recommend that we register for? 2009-05-28
We are in our mid-30's, getting married in October, and we would like advice on how many sets of ...
Efed Wrestling 2009-06-05
Some questions about my own favourite past-time.
Favorite Travel Destination 2009-07-10
Give me your favorite travel location.
Are you a Ford or Holden person? 2009-09-15
In Australia we are either Ford or Holden people. I know I'm a Ford person because I like the For...
What is the greatest army in Warhammer 40k 2009-10-02
What is the greatest army in Warhammer 40k
what do you like to do 2009-10-23
what do you like to do
island 2009-10-23
Is the 1990 Nissan 300zx a good looking car? 2009-11-04
Is the 1990 Nissan 300zx a good looking car?
Which one is better? Iphone or Nokia? 2009-11-07
which one do you like more?