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Bored? Take this meaningless poll! 2013-12-06
Bored? Take this meaningless poll!
presesnts wrappings 2013-12-06
how do you wrap your gifts
This or That 2 2013-12-06
The This or That idea did not come to my mind. I thought that it would be fun to make another one...
Wetting Poll 2013-11-25
Like to hold your pee? That`s the poll for you
kids swimming in a pubalic swimming pool fully clothed in shoes and socks for fu 2013-11-18
this is ot find out if parents would allow their kids to swim in a pubalicpool fully clothed in t...
taking your kids swimming fully clothed with thier shoes and sock on for fun 2013-11-18
thi poll is to fin ou if any parents will take thier kids swimming fully clothed with thier shoes...
Taking your kids swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and sock for fun 2013-11-18
to see if parents will take thier kids swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and socks for fun at...
This poll is to find out what peaplo think about swimming fully clothed.
last time you tool your kids swmming 2013-11-12
To find out fo parents if the last time they took thier kids swimming if they did it fully clothe...
BURP FETISH 2013-10-08
how do you get music on a HTC phone for free. 2013-10-04
I love music but I do not know how to get some, when I clicked on music there were only songs by ...
Survey for comic book podcast 2013-09-30 (closed)
This survey will determine what listeners like in a podcast. the main focus will be on length an...
This Or That? 2013-09-24
Which one do you prefer?
Poll for iPhone users 2013-09-16
Poll for iPhone users
What Type Logo Design You Like The Most 2013-09-13
Im interested to know what type of logo designs are most attractive to you? For example CocaCola ...
Wedgie master or slave with kik 2013-08-26
Wedgie master or slave with kik
Blue dog name 2013-08-07
A search to find a new name for our page's mascot!
Pie in the Face (only boys and men) 2013-08-01
Have you ever got a pie in your face?
Tobacco 2013-07-15
How do you use tobacco or do you?
Picture printing 2013-06-27
Trying to have a general idea about how often people print digital pictures for personal use.
Hobbies 2013-05-28
messy challage 2013-05-20
Im up for any type of messy challanges.
gunging boots 2013-05-20
Which type of boots shall I fill up.
Marvel vs DC 2013-05-15 (closed)
Marvel vs DC
Big Video Games Female Fighter Poll 2013-05-13
A poll about video games feminine fighters.