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choose my wedgie 2014-08-13 (closed)
choose what wedgie and how long I have to be in the wedgie and other stuff
Selfbondage Weekend 2014-08-05 (closed)
I love selfbondage and I have a free weekend to practice my favourite fantasies. So it is your c...
Best Firework 2014-07-07
What is the best type of firework for 4th of July?
Mega giantess and feet 2014-07-07
Feeble attempt to indulge my fetish :-)
Fursona Psych 2014-06-30
What does your Fursona say about you? For those in the furry fandom who have an alternate anthro...
Adventure time merchandise : which one should I buy 2014-06-13
So my brother whose age is going to be 15 this August loves Adventure Time very much and I'm thin...
Imagine Stories 2014-06-13
I fantasize about Superman is that he, aunt alura (Supergirl's mom) that may have a parenting sto...
Research Poll 2014-06-09
Hi. I have made this poll for my research. please be honest while answering those questions. Th...
I'm a male slave who needs a master or mistress 2014-05-19
Message me on kik benjislave123 I need a master or mistress to punish me and control me as I cum ...
Hiking 2014-04-28
This is a just a poll that asks your opinion of how I should dress and things I should take with ...
are you a member of the scouts movment 2014-04-11
to find out if any kids are members of the sccout movment
diapers 2014-04-07
Dana and Mackenzie 2014-04-03
Dana and Mackenzie
sex not in the bedroom 2014-03-31
Where have you had sex not counting the bedroom
Stats Project 2014-03-27
This poll is by Maddie and Mercedes and it needs a minimum of eighty responses. Please take our p...
castration for fun 2014-03-17
Basically if given the chance how would you castrate a man
Gotta pee??? TAKE THIS!!!! 2014-02-19
I dare you to take it....
Boys who like to piss themselves 2014-02-19
Are you a guy that likes to piss yourself? This poll is for you!
Gunge Me! (Guys only) 2014-02-10
I want to gunge myself but want to leave my fate to you!
Girls - Arm Wrestling, Biceps & Hands 2014-01-27
If you have made the same experiences with girls like me during puberty and until today, please l...
Girls driving without seatbelts are sexy? 2014-01-20
Do you like to see a Girl driving a car without wearing a seatbelt? What are the reasons? Is it ...
Color preference 2014-01-20
Color preference
What do you do with paper? 2014-01-16
Please include wheather you are male of female
Masturbation Poll [BOYS ONLY] 2013-12-17
Poll about wanking, jerking, masturbating. whatever you call it. For all ages!!
YoUr FaVoRiTeS 2013-12-09
Your favorite things. This list is pretty large, so it might take you a while!