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The long boy scout poll 2006-05-15
This boy scout poll is to test your knowledge about what boy scouting is truly about. Items inclu...
Cool Stuff-Lame stuff 2006-05-15
This is all about what you do in your free time
Lower Back Tattoos on Men 2006-05-03
The last time I tried this people overloaded and unbalanced the numbers on purpose. Also, commen...
To old for pc games? 2006-05-01
Me and some friends have been wondering when people are too old to be playing pc games.
Ultimate SuperHero Battles 2006-04-26
Who will win the ultimate battle of some of the greatest SuperHeros ever created
Do you like dragons? 2006-04-26
Yes or no
BBEST CLOTHES TYPES (girls and boys) 2006-04-18
hey, i've made a couple other polls before and now this one is where you tell about your fav clot...
European Sports Cars 2006-04-12
Well I made a poll on Musle cars, so why not the Fancy Import that only a oil tycoon can afford.
Traveling 2006-03-23
A poll to find out if people enjoy traveling.
Bday partys BOYS ONLY 2006-03-12
Hey this is PunkPrincess and I am about to have my Bday party. since this is the first year im al...
(guys only) flip flops 2006-03-12
Hi guys, this is a poll about flip flops
Would you decorate your walls with address labels? 2006-03-05
Anything that has self addhesive properties can be stuck to a wall This includes things such as s...
Hanging out & going out 2006-03-02
Where would be the coolest places you would go?
Self Mutilation 2006-02-26
Take this poll please.. its for a school assignment.. Thanks! <3
GTA San Andreas 2006-02-26
Questions about the best video game ever
***DO YOU DANCE??*** 2006-02-22
Do You Dance??
Stamp Collection 2006-02-15
I have a collection of over 100 stamps. What should I do with them?
What You do for an Hobbie 2006-02-15
What do you like to do after you have fimshed school? Football, Computer gaming, etc... vote and ...
Most important method of mathematical proof 2006-02-15
Vote for the most important (pretty, intriguing) way of mathematical proof.
For American Kids 2006-02-12
Tube Amplifiers 2006-02-03
We'd like to know what you think of the HiFi tube amp(s) you have or are going to get. Poll does ...
wich city would u like to visit the most 2006-01-09
thepoll is about travelling in europe
Which Forum is full of more losers Cigar Snobs / Cigar Pass? 2006-01-06
i just wonder which cigar forum is home to the internets biggest group of pathetic losers, Cigar ...
Worst prank Pulled On U 2006-01-05
What is the worst pranks some1 has pulled on u, or u on them?
How many dolls? 2006-01-04
How many action-figures/dolls/stuffed animals do you own (home and work)?