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Who Could Have Done Better At Miss Universe? 2006-10-04
You never know....a different face, a different dress....could a 1st Runnerup at Miss USA have pl...
What do you do with your digital camera pictures? 2006-10-02
Some people take it to a store such as Wal-mart or Target and print it directly off of the camera...
This poll is about your opinions on martial arts and other fighting styles
World Traveler? Where have you been? 2006-09-29
Do you consider yourslef a world traveler? Is traveling your passion or a hobby of yours? Tell us...
haha VS hehe 2006-09-29
DC Direct Ultimate Villain Showdown 2006-09-08
It would be cool if DC Direct could put out more villains. DC has a rich library of rogues who wo...
Future DC Direct Waves 2006-09-06
Hello, I thought it would be cool to see which figures the fans would put in future DC Direct wav...
This poll is to gauge fan reaction to expanding the DC Direct line of Alex Ross "Justice&quo...
The DC Direct Action Figure Bases/Accessories Poll 2006-08-23
This is a poll to gather information on the possibility of bases and accessories for DC Direct's ...
Name My Fx Companey!!!!!!!!! 2006-08-23
I am looking for a new name for my fx team and I need your help!
Superhero dream Team 2006-08-19
If you could choose any 6 superheroes to be in your drem team who would they be:
DC Direct Unofficial Action Figure Buyer Poll 2006-08-19
Hello, I'd thought I'd try a little unofficial customer poll for all DC Direct buyers to particip...
QUICK POLL 2006-08-17
Vote now!
Highlander 2006-08-17
Highlander Poll
Cayman Islands 2006-08-05
Please pick your favorite activity while on the Islands.
Cars 2006-07-20
Which is the best make of car?
A Day At The Beach 2006-07-10
Your beach day fun.
Future Duke Classes 2006-07-05
This poll is just to see what you would like to study if you went to Duke
Candle Fragrances - Your Preferences, PART 2 2006-07-04
What fragrances do you prefer, if any, from the list below?
So...do you garden? 2006-07-04
I need to know this information!
Candle Fragrances - Your Preferences? 2006-06-19
What fragrances do you like, if any, from the list below?
Best Shoe 2006-06-01
what is your favorite shoe?
Car 2006-06-01
I am looking at new cars. Help with choices
Men who Sew 2006-05-20
Men who Like to Sew .
Atari's Drunkiness Poll 2006-05-17