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Torturing Barbie Dolls 2008-06-22 (closed)
Do you pretend to torture your Barbies?
Which Do You Prefer? 2008-06-22
Which Do You Prefer?
Your favorite point of view 2008-06-16
I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments of your time to participate in this...
TV 2008-06-16
Trees 2008-06-13 (closed)
Airbus or Boeing 2008-06-09
Choose which plane you'd prefer to fly in. If you don't know what these planes are, please don't ...
Polar Bear Dip - Guys Only 2008-06-09
Okay guys, here is your chance to share your experiance. If you are a female, please take my fem...
What do you do all day? 2008-06-07
This is for non-gamers. I'm a gamer and it occurs to me that I have no idea what 'normal' people ...
Airsoft Problems 2008-06-04 (closed)
Airsoft Problems
Kingz Cruise 2008-06-02
Kingz Cruise
Switching at half-time? 2008-05-30 (closed)
Whats everyone think?
UK's best theme park 2008-05-24
UK's best theme park
Ninja Poll 124: Modern Art 2008-05-24
NINJAS! Hello! This is my poll on Modern Art, which you could probably guess from the ever so cre...
Switzerland holidaying 2008-05-24 (closed)
Are you a ski-bunny or do u prefer the scenic landscape of one of Europe's cleanest cities?
Ninja Poll 117: Favourite Holiday destination? 2008-05-22
Favourite Holiday destination?
Favorite Dream Car 2008-05-22 (closed)
Favorite Dream Car
Green Travel 2008-05-22 (closed)
We are researching what concerned travelers, including both agencies & individuals, are looki...
Hiking in amazing natural areas 2008-05-16 (closed)
I like to hike and also have an interest in Botany. I am wondering what other people do when they...
Whats your favorite dream car? 2008-05-13 (closed)
Whats your favorite dream car?
Which one of these products would you buy? 2008-05-12
Which one of these products would you buy?
Buying a Volkswagen New Beetle 2008-05-05
Falling head-over-heels for the VW new Beetle. It's chic. It's a maverick. It's built like a vaul...
what is your favorite fire arm? 2008-05-03
vote for your best fire-arm
Where would you rather visit? 2008-04-24 (closed)
Where would you rather visit?
Trucks. You like 'em big, but what else? 2008-04-23 (closed)
The main purpose of this poll is to help me choose a style for a Ram 2500.
American Girl 2008-04-16
American Girl