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Map Making 2009-10-16 (closed)
Do you hate or like cartography?
Carl Jung - Myers Briggs Personality Typology 2009-10-11
This poll aims to find out the popularity of the Personality Test based on Carl Jung and Isabel M...
Favorite Instrument 2009-10-03
Favorite Instrument
Young men and TV shows 2009-10-03 (closed)
This poll seeks to find out some general attitudes of young adult males toward TV programs, as we...
What is the greatest army in Warhammer 40k 2009-10-02
What is the greatest army in Warhammer 40k
gunge encounters(for girls only) 2009-09-29
This poll is for girls only so please do not answer if you are a boy!
Choose you favourite! 2009-09-26
Choose you favourite!
How interested are you in a 5th year only saturday night event??? 2009-09-23 (closed)
Just a research poll
vrooooommm!! 2009-09-22 (closed)
a poll about cars
what will your dream date look like? 2009-09-15
what will your dream date look like?
Mahou Sentai Magiranger! 2009-09-15
What did you think of the 29rd Super Sentai Series?
The Ultimate Super Sentai 2009-09-15
On many occations, differant Super Sentai teams have collaberated to fight large enemies. Team-Up...
Are you a Ford or Holden person? 2009-09-15
In Australia we are either Ford or Holden people. I know I'm a Ford person because I like the For...
Are Vauxhall Corsa's a chavs car? 2009-09-08 (closed)
Are Vauxhall Corsa's a chavs car?
How do you consume tobacco 2009-09-07
How do you consume tobacco
the best way to pass time in office? 2009-09-02
for all those people who kill those long hours in office in the most innovative ways possible.
Wheely King Awards 2009-09-02 (closed)
Wheely King Awards
What was your worst tickling experience? (Girls only) 2009-08-31
here you can tell me your worst experience of being tickled.
bare feet in a drama group 2009-08-27 (closed)
Hi there, I'm Nefeli, 19 years old girl, from Europe. My problem is that I am very shy about ...
Wood you buy wood? 2009-08-27
Would you be willing to buy a piece of wood/timber online, if so, for what sort of price?
The Ultimate Speedsolving Survey 2009-08-24
Ever heard of speedsolving? No? Well, speedsolving is the art of solving a puzzle as fast as huma...
Tickling Female Singers Part 1 2009-08-15
my first poll on tickling! This one is all about female singers If you like this, then look o...
Arround the world for USD 49.99! 2009-08-14
The body of this hybrid-tricycle tilts in the direction of the turn like a snowboard. It can corn...
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Characters 2009-08-04
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Characters
Laughing gas/Nitrous oxide 2009-08-03
Laughing gas/Nitrous oxide