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Cutest Villager fro Animal Crossing New Leaf (Female) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest female villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf, by persona...
WarioWare 2014-05-27
Vote for your favourite WarioWare characters!
roblox 2014-06-30
for roblox players only
Online gambling 2002-01-30
The differences btw online casinos and your more conventional ones in Las Vegas.
Role-playing non-computer games 2002-03-08
Role-playing, non-computer games.
Favorite BG2 classes 2003-06-30
BG2 (Baldur's Gate 2) is a pretty good DnD game that a lot of people like. I'm making this poll t...
Do you like Sonic? 2004-06-11
I have a friend who loves Sonic The Hedgehog and I want to see if anyone else does.
Best Metal Gear Solid Poll 2004-07-08
What you think about Metal Gear solid trilogy
Best Game Ever Tournament Round 1 2004-08-12
Which game is better?
Tekken or Soul Calibur 2005-03-02
This poll is about trying to find out which game is best.
Gamers are nerds? 2006-01-04
Alot of people I know say that gamers are nerds. I don't know why they say that. When i think of ...
Mario or Sonic? 2006-06-09
Do you like Nintendo's Super Mario or Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog?
the ultimate showdown poll 2006-08-28
the best of everything has a rival! vote now!!
Sonic the Hedgehog Opinion Poll 2 2007-04-13
This Poll contains questions about the Sonic the Hedgehog series only your opinion can vote on!
Shivering Isles; Includes Mazken vs Aureals 2007-04-24
This poll's about Shivering Isles, the expansion of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in case you haven...
The All-About-Sonic Opinion Quiz 2007-07-20
You decide which character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe is better!
SONIC VS. MARIO VS. LINK (And Sub-Zero) 2007-08-16
A Contest Between Theese 3 Heroes
The Byakugan .VS. The Sharingan 2008-01-31
The Byakugan .VS. The Sharingan
Konami Vs. Nintendo Vs. Namco Vs. Sega 2008-09-01
My first poll!
Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony 2008-10-24
Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony
Namco Vs. Sega 2008-11-05
Namco Vs. Sega
What's your favorite Sonic game from the Genesis era? 2008-12-28
What's your favorite Sonic game from the Genesis era?
SonicxTails 2009-01-03
SonicxTails, Sonails, SonicTails, whatever you want to call it, our favourite video game mascot (...
Girls Fighting 2010-01-06
This poll is about a fictional video game involving girls fighting. If you played it - what choic...
Sonic the Hedgehog series 2010-03-28
What is your opinion on the Sonic the Hedgehog series?