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Sonic Adventure Music Poll 2017-06-06
Hi there, fellow Sonic The Hedgehog fans, this poll is all about music from Sonic Adventure, cast...
Favorite Character 2001-11-01
OK. New Poll, everyone. Who's your favorite character out of these choices?
What game has the best music? 2002-03-27
From Sonic 1 to SA2B, It's time to name games.
What sonic character is your favorite? 2002-04-15
Almost every Sonic Character listed. Have fun.
Who is the greatest superhero? 2002-06-25
Of all the superheroes there have been great ones, but who is the greatest?
Finally a good Starcraft Quiz 2002-07-14
Hey... now that I've made a name for myself in the final fantasy series... I thought I'd branch o...
Who's the Best Sonic Character 2003-03-04
Hello. Who is better then Sonic?
Charcacter Battles 2003-09-18
These are matches for great rivalries
Best Metal Gear Solid Poll 2004-07-08
What you think about Metal Gear solid trilogy
Best Game Ever Tournament Round 1 2004-08-12
Which game is better?
Mega Man Poll 2004-11-07
Which Mega Man game is the Best?
Video Games 2005-06-05
Just a few general questions on video games. Thank you for participating. This is part of a large...
Spyro and Crash 2005-08-03
Poll is about the purple dragon and the orange bandicoot
Gamers are nerds? 2006-01-04
Alot of people I know say that gamers are nerds. I don't know why they say that. When i think of ...
Video game Survey 2006-10-27
I am doing a science project and am doing a survey about the effects of video games on the mind a...
Mortal Kombat V.S. Tekken 2006-11-15
This will be hard...
video game shirtlessness 2006-11-16
this is a poll of videos games that let oyur male characters to be shirtless
Sonic the Hedgehog Opinion Poll 2 2007-04-13
This Poll contains questions about the Sonic the Hedgehog series only your opinion can vote on!
Street Fighter 2007-05-04
street fighter... without a doubt one of the greatest fighting game series of all time. this pol...
best mario character 2007-06-10
choose which good guy, which enemy and which species are the best out of these
Video game tournament: Round One 2007-07-03
Welcome to my video game tournament. Here you can vote on your favorite video game characters so ...
The All-About-Sonic Opinion Quiz 2007-07-20
You decide which character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe is better!
Best horror game (PS2)? 2007-08-21
So far (up until PS3), the PS2 seemed to be the best platform for horror games... <br>Which...
Who Thinks Sun Shang Xiang Is Hot? 2007-09-02
Do You Think Shang Xiang Hot?
Guild Wars Poll 2007-09-04
Some of the terms used in the following questions might be familiar with you, especially if you'v...