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Mario Princesses/Other Girl characters 2008-09-11
It's judgement time. Decide whose awesome, who sucks, and whose "just okay."
Sonic VS. Mario 2010-01-02
Mario VS. Sonic The Hedgehog
Truth or Dare (GUYS ONLY) 2010-04-24
I'm having friends over and we will be in a tent in my back yard and don't know what to do and an...
Favorite Street Fighter characters 2010-05-03
Choose a character like you best from each of the following categories.
What is your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog character? 2010-07-31
These characters are mostly from the archieverse. Just pick the ones you like the most. BTW, the ...
Get Your Own Back 2010-11-09
Poll about gyob
E3 2013 Games Hype! 2013-06-10
Multiple choice, games poll, E3 2013. Some expected to be shown, some in playable form... all con...
kids playing a game of chicken in the bath room in the bath 2013-12-17
to find out at what point kids would chicken out if playing a agme of chicken in the bath room in...
Skyrim: Imperials Or Stormcloaks? 2014-07-08
If you've played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, answer this question, if not, get it or read about ...
Your favourite casino at NativeCasinos 2021-08-06
What is your favourite casino among all the options on the NativeCasinos website?
Favorite Chess Piece 2003-11-11
What is your favorite chess piece?
Best Basketball Game 2005-01-23
Vote for your favorite B-Ball title
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 2005-08-18
Let's see what your favorite stuff from this awesome game was.
Shadow the hedgehog 2005-11-18
What do you think of: The new shadow teh hegehog game?
Final Fantasy couples 2006-05-13
Final Fantasy couple polls are very important to me so i made one!
best mario character 2007-06-10
choose which good guy, which enemy and which species are the best out of these
Mortal Kombat!!!! 2008-01-22
The ultimate Mortal Kombat poll.
PC vs Console 2009-06-20
Which do you prefer to play on? Pretend your PC is Alienware and has good video card and Ram.
Mario Team Vs. Sonic Team 2010-01-14
Mario world and Sonic world battle.
Sonic Characters 2011-07-21
Simple enough who is your favorite both generally and into groups. This is characters from the ga...
chess 2012-07-05
This is a poll about the game of chess.
Who do you like the best [youtubers] 2013-03-28
I show you youtubers and pick your favourite
Mario vs Call Of dudy 2013-05-08
Mario vs Call Of dudy
Xbox One or Playstation 4 - PS or XBox? 2013-12-17
Which video game console will you buy? Which console did you buy? Poll for gamers and both fans o...
Pin the tail on the donkey 2013-12-18
This poll is about any time you remember playing pin the tail on the donkey, or similar such as P...