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Games / Gaming


Xbox One or Playstation 4 - PS or XBox? 2013-12-17
Which video game console will you buy? Which console did you buy? Poll for gamers and both fans o...
playing a game of swim chicken 2013-12-18
to find out if any lids have ever played swimchicken or would ever play swim chicken and if so at...
A Minecraft Poll! 2014-04-28
Just seeing how people feel about Minecraft.
Ultima Online Siege Perilous Survey 2001-01-15
This poll is just to get a general idea of the opinions of the people that play or have played on...
Favorite Chess Piece 2003-11-11
What is your favorite chess piece?
Motal Kombat Poll 2004-12-08
This poll is about Mortal Kombat, games, films, characters and so on.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat Poll 2007-02-22
This is a poll for just about everything in the Mortal Kombat series with a huge amount of questi...
Truth or dares! 2007-03-06
Have you done a dare comepletley weird? Now here is the poll to do!
best mario character 2007-06-10
choose which good guy, which enemy and which species are the best out of these
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class? 2008-11-05
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class?
Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel vs DC vs Capcom vs Mortal Kombat Video Game 2008-11-21
this is a poll asking what would you want in a video game featuring these 5 Brands
PC vs Console 2009-06-20
Which do you prefer to play on? Pretend your PC is Alienware and has good video card and Ram.
Street Fighter 4 Or MKVSDC 2009-08-25
Which game is better overall?
Which character do you like most? 2009-12-21
Which character is the best
Mario Team Vs. Sonic Team 2010-01-14
Mario world and Sonic world battle.
Best Horror Gaming Franchise Of All Time 2010-01-20
what is the best horror gaming franchise of all time?
Vote for your favorite squad member in Mass Effect 2 2010-02-04
Vote for your favorite squad member in Mass Effect 2
League of legends 2010-05-13
Vote for your favorite League of legends Champion here!!!!!
What is your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog character? 2010-07-31
These characters are mostly from the archieverse. Just pick the ones you like the most. BTW, the ...
Get Your Own Back 2010-11-09
Poll about gyob
Sonic Characters 2011-07-21
Simple enough who is your favorite both generally and into groups. This is characters from the ga...
Pokemon Poll 2011-11-21
A pokemon poll up to date as far as PokePark 2.
Streets of Rage returning characters 2012-07-23
Streets of Rage returning characters
Who do you like the best [youtubers] 2013-03-28
I show you youtubers and pick your favourite
who to gunge 2013-06-24
decides how gets gunged me or my partner :)