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Games / Gaming


Pokemon Poll 2011-11-21
A pokemon poll up to date as far as PokePark 2.
Streets of Rage returning characters 2012-07-23
Streets of Rage returning characters
Best of 2013: Video Games 2013-12-31
Important notes: The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us are not finished yet and will no...
WarioWare 2014-05-27
Vote for your favourite WarioWare characters!
letting your kids play swim chicken 2015-03-03
to find out if any parents will let their kids play swim chicken for real
nba 2k lovers 2016-10-13
nba 2k lovers
League of Legends or Dota2? 2016-10-26
League of Legends or Dota2?
Ultima Online Siege Perilous Survey 2001-01-15
This poll is just to get a general idea of the opinions of the people that play or have played on...
Favorite BG2 classes 2003-06-30
BG2 (Baldur's Gate 2) is a pretty good DnD game that a lot of people like. I'm making this poll t...
Favorite Chess Piece 2003-11-11
What is your favorite chess piece?
Strip poker 2004-01-10
Have you ever played strip poker?
Best fighting game 2004-06-03
what are the best fighting games ever
Do your parents let you play Restricted Games + Mature Games 2005-08-30
Im wanting to find out how many parents let there child play R games,im 13 and my parents let me ...
Truth or dares! 2007-03-06
Have you done a dare comepletley weird? Now here is the poll to do!
Shivering Isles; Includes Mazken vs Aureals 2007-04-24
This poll's about Shivering Isles, the expansion of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in case you haven...
SONIC VS. MARIO VS. LINK (And Sub-Zero) 2007-08-16
A Contest Between Theese 3 Heroes
The Byakugan .VS. The Sharingan 2008-01-31
The Byakugan .VS. The Sharingan
Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony 2008-10-24
Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony
Sonic Poll 2008-11-18
Sonic Poll
SonicxTails 2009-01-03
SonicxTails, Sonails, SonicTails, whatever you want to call it, our favourite video game mascot (...
Girls Fighting 2010-01-06
This poll is about a fictional video game involving girls fighting. If you played it - what choic...
Favorite Street Fighter characters 2010-05-03
Choose a character like you best from each of the following categories.
Tekken 2010-10-16
Questions about the Tekken gaming series for PS1, PS2 and PS3. Answers greatly appreciated :)
New Soul Calibur game - Wishlist 2011-03-08
A very general poll, panning what characters and features we'd like to see in the upcoming Soul C...
Best Gamegear Game 2011-07-26
What is the best game for the gamegear?