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Your favorite Portal character? 2012-11-12
..And general objects thrown in as there are so few characters. Couldn't help but notice that the...
Best Elder Scrolls Game 2013-01-02
Which of the five games in the Elder Scrolls series do you like the best?
Rivalries and Fights - Dead or Alive 2013-05-06 (closed)
rivalries and fights based on the story of the characters of Dead or Alive - vote for the best fi...
The best Paper Mario game! 2013-08-26
Which Paper Mario game is your favourite?
playing a game of swim chicken 2013-12-18
to find out if any lids have ever played swimchicken or would ever play swim chicken and if so at...
What is half of 99? 2015-09-08
What is half of 99?
Best Games - By Console 2015-11-17
Choose from a list of games and find out which games are the most popular from each generation.
Favorite BG2 classes 2003-06-30
BG2 (Baldur's Gate 2) is a pretty good DnD game that a lot of people like. I'm making this poll t...
Sonic Vs Mario 2003-10-02
The blue hedgehog or the fat plumber- u decide
THE BEST !!! 2004-05-24
Choose between what is the best in the following question
Silent Hill vs Resident Evil 2005-04-21
For people who have played both games - Which one is better?
Sonic Heroes 2006-08-05
This is just to get an idea of everyones favourite Sonic Heroes character
Pokemon Games 2008-01-22
Which ones do you like?
Your Favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character 2008-07-08
I like Ness!
FutureRP 2010-03-24
Best Gameboy Color Game 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the GBC?
Favorite Resident Evil Charatcer 2012-01-06
Favorite Resident Evil Charatcer
who is the best fighting game character 2012-05-04
vote for your favorite fighting game character out of........ Street Fighter Tekken Mortal Kombat...
Call Of Duty Vs Battlefield 2013-10-28
Title Says All
Best console 2015-05-07
What is the best console
nba 2k lovers 2016-10-13
nba 2k lovers
League of Legends or Dota2? 2016-10-26
League of Legends or Dota2?
Video Games 2005-06-05
Just a few general questions on video games. Thank you for participating. This is part of a large...
Best Video Game of all time 2005-06-09
This poll will Finally find the best game of all time!!!!
Mortal Kombat V.S. Tekken 2006-11-15
This will be hard...