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The best Paper Mario game! 2013-08-26
Which Paper Mario game is your favourite?
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash? 2015-09-16
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash?
Dynasty Warriors 5: Favorite characters, kingdoms etc. 2006-05-23
Tell about what is your favorite things in Dynasty Warriors 5 and Xtreme Legends.
parents, question. 2007-02-24
ok this poll is about video games and movies, why is it that parents nowadays don't care if a gam...
Mario VS Luigi. 2007-12-06
Let the showdown begin.
Your Favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character 2008-07-08
I like Ness!
Call Of Duty Vs Battlefield 2013-10-28
Title Says All
Dunk tank (males only) 2014-03-31
Dunk tank (males only)
Best Super Mario Power-Up 2015-09-16
We don't have every power up on here but you need to tell us your favorite power up from the supe...
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 2005-08-18
Let's see what your favorite stuff from this awesome game was.
Final Fantasy couples 2006-05-13
Final Fantasy couple polls are very important to me so i made one!
Mario Princesses/Other Girl characters 2008-09-11
It's judgement time. Decide whose awesome, who sucks, and whose "just okay."
Best Gameboy Color Game 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the GBC?
Xbox One or Playstation 4 - PS or XBox? 2013-12-17
Which video game console will you buy? Which console did you buy? Poll for gamers and both fans o...
Skyrim: Imperials Or Stormcloaks? 2014-07-08
If you've played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, answer this question, if not, get it or read about ...
Best console 2015-05-07
What is the best console
Truth or Dare ideas to make it better 2005-04-04
please vote and maybe try some of these ideas for truth or dare
Best Video Game of all time 2005-06-09
This poll will Finally find the best game of all time!!!!
Pokemon Games 2008-01-22
Which ones do you like?
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class? 2008-11-05
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class?
PC vs Console 2009-06-20
Which do you prefer to play on? Pretend your PC is Alienware and has good video card and Ram.
Best Horror Gaming Franchise Of All Time 2010-01-20
what is the best horror gaming franchise of all time?
Vote for your favorite squad member in Mass Effect 2 2010-02-04
Vote for your favorite squad member in Mass Effect 2
Truth or Dare (GUYS ONLY) 2010-04-24
I'm having friends over and we will be in a tent in my back yard and don't know what to do and an...
Get Your Own Back 2010-11-09
Poll about gyob