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letting your kids play swim chicken 2015-03-03
to find out if any parents will let their kids play swim chicken for real
Best fighting game 2004-06-03
what are the best fighting games ever
Mortal Kombat and You 2007-08-13
All about Mk Kharacters and MK Games
Your SRPG preferences 2009-07-25
Hopefully, you are taking this poll because you are a fan of Strategy RPGs (or Tactics RPGs) such...
Dunk tank (males only) 2014-03-31
Dunk tank (males only)
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character? 2014-04-03
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character?
Vote for mixed tag team match 2015-11-16
I am a guy, 29 years old, about 5'11", 190 pounds and athletic. <br> My girlfriend is...
Online gambling 2002-01-30
The differences btw online casinos and your more conventional ones in Las Vegas.
XBox vs PS2 vs Gamecube 2003-07-22
Who rules supreme? Please answer truthfully, or else it will just be pointless
Strip poker 2004-01-10
Have you ever played strip poker?
Truth or Dare ideas to make it better 2005-04-04
please vote and maybe try some of these ideas for truth or dare
Do your parents let you play Restricted Games + Mature Games 2005-08-30
Im wanting to find out how many parents let there child play R games,im 13 and my parents let me ...
parents, question. 2007-02-24
ok this poll is about video games and movies, why is it that parents nowadays don't care if a gam...
Tied Up Fun Eating 2009-08-03
We've all had fun eating something with our hands tied behind us. What are your experiences eati...
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time 2012-03-30
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time
Suikoden Poll 2013-01-07
Poll about suikoden, duh!
Best of 2013: Video Games 2013-12-31
Important notes: The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us are not finished yet and will no...
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash? 2015-09-16
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash?
Best Super Mario Power-Up 2015-09-16
We don't have every power up on here but you need to tell us your favorite power up from the supe...
sonic heroes 2006-03-15
what is your favorite sonic heroes team and who is your favorite sonic heroes player
Dynasty Warriors 5: Favorite characters, kingdoms etc. 2006-05-23
Tell about what is your favorite things in Dynasty Warriors 5 and Xtreme Legends.
Do you really think Italy deserved the FIFA cup? 2006-07-24
FIFA world cup 2006
Mario VS Luigi. 2007-12-06
Let the showdown begin.
free for all badass battle to the death!!! 2010-05-02
what would happen if some of the greatest videogame characters of all time battled? enter and fin...
Sonic poll 2012-10-26
In this poll, you can express your opinion about sonic and sonic games and comics.