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digital distribution 2010-09-14
digital distribution
Does Storyline effect the games you buy/play? 2010-09-14 (closed)
Would it effect your opinion when you buy a game or play it?
Xbox and PS3 motion control survey 2010-09-16
Microsoft and Sony are releasing a new motion accessories for the XBox 360 and PS3. This poll is...
D&D 4th ed Hasbro poll 2010-09-29
In light of Hasbro's corporate takeover of Wizards of the Coast, firing all the gamers, designers...
Video game Questionnaire >Dzn 2010-10-04
i am trying to find out what video games people are playing, why are they playing them, what syst...
What is your favorite PVP ship in EVE Online? 2010-10-09
Which space ship do you have the most fun using for player-vs-player combat in EVE Online?
Now that black ops came out which military fps is better? 2010-11-12
Now that black ops came out which military fps is better?
best pokemon 2010-11-20
READ THIS: This is a poll for the best pokemon of MY opinion so no one is in the wrong spot and i...
Challenging FFX Quiz 2010-12-04
Challenging FFX Quiz
Common Video Game Themes 2010-12-14
This is regarding common elements, themes, features, and other fundamentalities included in almos...
Eternally Polled (Soul Calibur IV) 2011-01-10
Jennifer Here! With Little to Fear! Anyway, time for multiple Soul Calibur IV - Character battles...
Assassins creed poll 2011-01-13
What would you like to see in next assassins creed game
Best Video Game Ever 2011 2011-01-18
Pick what you think is the best game ever
Video Game Alliance 2011-01-18
The world is coming to an end. And it's up to you to assign a resistance to stop the threat. Who ...
Epic Mickey 2011-01-18
Epic Mickey is yet another Mickey Mouse video game, and is Mickey's biggest video game breakthrou...
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception 2011-01-25
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception
What Influences Do You Have When Buying A Game? 2011-02-14
What Influences Do You Have When Buying A Game?
[Hopefully] A good Webkinz Poll. Watch out, this could get long and a little random!!!
Silver's Ancestry 2011-03-12
There is some debate over the ancestry of silver the hedgehog. Sonic or Shadow? Amy or Blaze? Or ...
Street Fighter Questionnaire 2011-06-08
As it says on the tin. (your mate he ows me now) ps i hate work
Mortal Kombat (2011) 2011-06-18
Mortal Kombat, 2011, Fighting Game, Fatality, Arcade, Characters, Video Games, Bosses, VS DC, Tek...
Best Game 2011-06-26
Best Game
keeping a hand on the car contest? 2011-07-13
keeping a hand on the car contest?
Best Playstation 2 Game 2011-07-21
What is the best game for the PS2?
Best Dreamcast Game 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the DC?