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Iphone 4s vs 5 2012-10-22
I am going to get an iPhone 5 and was wondering how people compared it to the 4s.
What Games You Want To See Live On Twitch.TV For Are Next Marathon? 2012-10-22
The Top Votes Will Be In Are Next Marathon. The More Votes, The Longer We Play It! Date Will Be A...
Gaming Concept 2012-11-19
Gaming Concept
Whats your favourite .....? 2012-11-26
Whats your favourite .....?
Whats you're favorite game listed? 2012-11-28
Whats you're favorite game listed?
Some new Zelda theories (Zelda fans only, please) 2012-12-04
I've been coming up with and hearing some theories about the Zelda games lately, and I have an af...
Sonic Generations vs Rayman Origins 2012-12-12
Sonic Generations vs Rayman Origins
games 2012-12-18
Poller's Choice Awards 13: Vdeo Games 2012-12-18
Thi survey honors the best in video games this year. Please vote for your favorites!
2012 Video Game Awards 2013-01-02
Jak and Daxter poll 2013-01-14
This poll is about one of the Sony exclusive series, Jak and Daxter.
Video Game Poll 2013-02-19
A poll on video games.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game 2013-03-05
There have been a number of LEGO games that star characters from movies or comics. Star Wars, Har...
Vote UMVC3 update or mvc4 2013-03-14
Vote for your favorite or acceptable characters here
should ridley be in ssb4? 2013-03-20
rather self explanatory
Rivalries 2013-05-03
Who do you think is better?
Video Games 2013-05-13
Video Games
Sonic Adventure 3 2013-05-15
What kind of stuff you want from a hypothetical Sonic Adventure 3?
Final Fantasy III 2013-06-11
Until I finish the poll for FFXIII, here's a poll for the DS remake of Final Fantasy III.
Grand Theft Auto V 2013-08-14
Questions about upcoming video game GTA V m
What is your favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character? 2013-08-26
What is your favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character?
Which new characters do you want to see in Super Smash Bros for Wii U? 2013-08-26
New Characters
Games 2013-08-26
Hello this is my first poll i ever made, so im going to ask som questions about games and hopp yo...
Mario Games!! 2013-09-05
If you could be in any Mario game....
Modern Warfare 2 Poll 2013-11-06
This Is A Poll About MW2