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Video Game Alliance 2011-01-18
The world is coming to an end. And it's up to you to assign a resistance to stop the threat. Who ...
Epic Mickey 2011-01-18
Epic Mickey is yet another Mickey Mouse video game, and is Mickey's biggest video game breakthrou...
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception 2011-01-25
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception
What Influences Do You Have When Buying A Game? 2011-02-14
What Influences Do You Have When Buying A Game?
[Hopefully] A good Webkinz Poll. Watch out, this could get long and a little random!!!
Silver's Ancestry 2011-03-12
There is some debate over the ancestry of silver the hedgehog. Sonic or Shadow? Amy or Blaze? Or ...
Street Fighter Questionnaire 2011-06-08
As it says on the tin. (your mate he ows me now) ps i hate work
Mortal Kombat (2011) 2011-06-18
Mortal Kombat, 2011, Fighting Game, Fatality, Arcade, Characters, Video Games, Bosses, VS DC, Tek...
keeping a hand on the car contest? 2011-07-13
keeping a hand on the car contest?
Best Playstation 2 Game 2011-07-21
What is the best game for the PS2?
Best PC Game 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the PC?
Best Playstation Game 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the PS?
Best Gamecube Game? 2011-07-27
What is the best game for the Gamecube?
Which name is best for a Super Smash fan-game? 2011-08-13
Well, title says it all really.
Best Equipment on Black Ops? 2011-08-14
Which Equipment Do you think is the most useful on Black Ops?
Guild Wars 2 2011-08-20
What race will you be playing in guild wars 2?
assassin's creed II 2011-09-14
im looking for your reviews on assassin's creed II for my college course
Fallout 2011-09-27
Ok so I've been on this site for a while and I've made, and seen, some pretty dumb polls, some se...
Favourite Main Mario Character 2011-11-09
Everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. series, but who is your favourite main character?
Legendary Pokemon Battles 2011-12-01
Please vote for which legendary pokemon wins which match.
Which system should I play my copy of Chrono Trigger on? 2011-12-23
I have Final Fantasy Chronicles.
Which do you you think is the most significant? 2011-12-29
Out of the options which do you think is the most significant advancement in video gaming?
Their own game 2012-01-02
Which of these Nintendo characters do you want to see in their own game?
Left 4 Dead Expertise Questions 2012-01-19
A Poll to separate the "experts" from the non-experts
Enforcer Balance 1 2012-02-13
What you think of the current Beta Enforcer.