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Sonic Adventure 3 2013-05-15
What kind of stuff you want from a hypothetical Sonic Adventure 3?
E3 2013 Games Hype! 2013-06-10
Multiple choice, games poll, E3 2013. Some expected to be shown, some in playable form... all con...
Final Fantasy III 2013-06-11
Until I finish the poll for FFXIII, here's a poll for the DS remake of Final Fantasy III.
Grand Theft Auto V 2013-08-14
Questions about upcoming video game GTA V m
Runescape Holiday Events 2013-08-16
A poll about past and future holiday events in Runescape.
What is your favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character? 2013-08-26
What is your favorite Super Smash Bros Brawl Character?
Which new characters do you want to see in Super Smash Bros for Wii U? 2013-08-26
New Characters
Games 2013-08-26
Hello this is my first poll i ever made, so im going to ask som questions about games and hopp yo...
Mario Games!! 2013-09-05
If you could be in any Mario game....
Modern Warfare 2 Poll 2013-11-06
This Is A Poll About MW2
whats your favourite mega pokemon? 2013-11-12
I dont have to repeat again.
Mario Characters 2013-11-18
Vote for your favourite Mario characters!
Revised Ultimate Final Fantasy Heroine Poll 2014-05-05
Revised Edition of Heroine Poll
Sonic the hedgehog 2014-05-27
Fanboy poll
Best Pokemon game ever... 2014-09-15
What you have to do is, you have to just vote...
Best Video Games of 2014 2015-01-02
Important notes: Ports and remakes are disqualified from most categories. If a game originally re...
Resident Evil Showdowns 2015-01-13
Just a bunch of random duels I put together for characters across various RE games.
What rank are you currently? 2015-03-23
What rank are you currently?
Gamerkid6010's channel name change 2015-04-18
Gamerkid6010's channel name change
New class for my game 2015-07-10
I have a game made by myself with classes in it, I have a numer of ideas for classes but can't qu...
Sonic Free Riders Music Poll 2017-06-06
Hi there, fellow Sonic The Hedgehog fans, this poll is all about music from Sonic Free Riders, ca...