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Decide and take your aim at her 2017-02-14
You are a special force soldier and have been given a solo mission to eliminate a hostile target....
Agent 47 vs. Sam Fisher 2005-09-13
What'll happen when Hitman's Agent 47 comes into conflict with Sam Fisher of Tom Clancy's Splinte...
Sonya Blade vs Kitanna 2005-12-26
battle of the mortal kombat beauty's.
Twister 2008-08-16
WarioWare Characters 2014-02-19
Vote for your favourite WarioWare character!
What do you think of belly tickling? 2015-11-19
What do you think of belly tickling?
The Dungeon Games 2 2016-01-15
I've decided to make another Dungeon Games poll because... why not? You don't have to have done t...
The Noob Poll 2016-02-13
How much noobiness do you think you have? :>
My Poll 2021-01-31
Bwin.Party is known as one of the largest gambling providers. The company was formed by the merge...
Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat 2008-10-14
Street Fighter II: CHampion Edition Vs. Mortal Kombat II: What side will you choose?
Universal Studios pie 2010-06-08
Games at Universal Studios with pie in the face penalties
Would You Rather 2011-04-29
A list of random questions or scenarios in which you must choose a certain option that is more de...
you, a enemy, the old west and a group of Indians . 2016-02-10
in the old west in the desert,when you're confronting with shots with a enemy and just at the sam...
What series should i do next 2017-03-12
Pick which series/ game i should play next.
Video Game Poll 2002-01-03
This poll is a survey of general questions targeted to video gamers. This poll also involves the ...
Blindfolds 2007-04-09
Blindfolds are used in various contexts to create funny or romantic situations, or to teach trust...
Sonic vs. Mario 2007-12-18
Who's better?
Cutest Villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf (Male) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest male villager from ACNL, based on personality.
Best Mario Kart 2015-08-26
Choose your favorite Nintendo Mario Kart Game.
Black Ops 3 DLC 2016-02-23
Just as simple poll asking about whether or not players would purchase the awakening DLC. Thanks ...
What are the Best Casinos in Las Vegas? 2021-10-28
What are the Best Casinos in Las Vegas?
Greatest Comic Book Superhero Battles 2001-07-03
Any fan of Comic Book Superheroes has probably wondered who would win some of the battles between...
Dofus - The Best class 2006-03-19
this is a dofus poll to c what is the most used class...
Games Mixed Wrestling 2012-04-11
For fans of games and mixed wrestling
Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Poll 2013-01-29
This starts the battle. Quarterfinals will come after this. Please vote!