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Dofus - The Best class 2006-03-19
this is a dofus poll to c what is the most used class...
Your Favorite Mortal Kombat Character 2008-07-08
I like Scorpion!
Games Mixed Wrestling 2012-04-11
For fans of games and mixed wrestling
Cutest Villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf (Male) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest male villager from ACNL, based on personality.
Decide and take your aim at her 2017-02-14
You are a special force soldier and have been given a solo mission to eliminate a hostile target....
Greatest Comic Book Superhero Battles 2001-07-03
Any fan of Comic Book Superheroes has probably wondered who would win some of the battles between...
Video Game Poll 2002-01-03
This poll is a survey of general questions targeted to video gamers. This poll also involves the ...
Sonic vs. Mario 2007-12-18
Who's better?
Super Smash Bros. 4 Character Poll 2013-01-29
This starts the battle. Quarterfinals will come after this. Please vote!
What series should i do next 2017-03-12
Pick which series/ game i should play next.
Strip Poker 2001-11-14
This poll is for anyone who MIGHT be interested in playing strip poker.
XBox vs PS2 vs Gamecube 2003-07-22
Who rules supreme? Please answer truthfully, or else it will just be pointless
Blindfolds 2007-04-09
Blindfolds are used in various contexts to create funny or romantic situations, or to teach trust...
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time 2012-03-30
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character? 2014-04-03
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character?
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash? 2015-09-16
Who would win in a fight Spyro or Crash?
Pizza Sauce Dunk Tank 2015-11-16
Would you dunk someone in pizza sauce? Would you willing to get dunked? I saw an article about a ...
Do you really think Italy deserved the FIFA cup? 2006-07-24
FIFA world cup 2006
Universal Studios pie 2010-06-08
Games at Universal Studios with pie in the face penalties
Sonic poll 2012-10-26
In this poll, you can express your opinion about sonic and sonic games and comics.
Your favorite Portal character? 2012-11-12
..And general objects thrown in as there are so few characters. Couldn't help but notice that the...
Suikoden Poll 2013-01-07
Poll about suikoden, duh!
Rivalries and Fights - Dead or Alive 2013-05-06 (closed)
rivalries and fights based on the story of the characters of Dead or Alive - vote for the best fi...
What is half of 99? 2015-09-08
What is half of 99?
Vote for mixed tag team match 2015-11-16
I am a guy, 29 years old, about 5'11", 190 pounds and athletic. <br> My girlfriend is...