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wii 2007-07-20
Best World of Warcraft Faction, race, class 2007-07-20
Best World of Warcraft Faction, race, class
Super Paper Mario 2007-07-20
These are my feelings. I liked the game but miss the turn based style of past Paper Mario games....
favourite nintendo character round 2 2007-07-21
on the last poll daisy and dry bones were eliminated by just 2 votes now decide which one to save...
E3 2007 2007-07-21
The games from E3
Best LEGEND OF ZELDA bosses/dungeon 2007-07-22
A poll of your favorite LEGEND OF ZELDA villains, bosses, and dungeons from all the games.
What's better in your opinion: Halo or Halo 2? 2007-07-22
What is better, The first or the sequel?.
Spyro Gaming 2007-07-22
A little about spyro games
Favourite PC games 2007-08-04
Which are your favourite computer games?
Call of Duty 3 2007-08-04
Hey I love CoD3 and with CoD4 coming up it's almost obselete, but still... So I thought I'd make ...
Runescape 2007-08-08
What do you think about runescape
Video Game Favorites 2007-08-08
Listing different video game favorites.
Big Brother X2 2007-08-14
Who should win the 6th Head of Household?
The Ultimate Halo poll 2007-08-14
The Halo poll
Which Dynasty Warriors Female Character is the Prettist? 2007-08-14
This is a poll about which Dynasty Warriors female character you think is the prettist.
Tales of Symphonia (SPOILERS) 2007-08-14
It's time once again for a poll about a game. This poll WILL have spoilers, so don't take this po...
Gears of war vs resistance fall of man 2007-08-16
Which do u think is better
Which Final Fantasy Female is the Prettist? 2007-08-21
Which Final Fantasy Female Do you Think is the prettist?
Video games and systems 2007-08-23
This poll is about video games and systems.
Decisions... 2007-09-02
I bet this poll will be a hard one for all gamers.
Giga Bowser VS Super Sonic VS Mega Mario 2007-09-13
Giga Bowser, Super Sonic, and Mega Mario fight for the title, "Master of Duelists!"
Video Games 2007-09-24
Video Games!
Dynasty Warriors 6 Couples 2007-10-07
This poll is to dicide what other couples there should be in Dynasty Warriors 6.
Best 3rd Party Game Developer 2007-10-15
Who do you think the best 3rd party game developer is?
whats the best type of game? 2007-10-26
i wanna know wat kind of games i should design.