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Console Wars 2009-03-28
Console Wars
VS: Xbox 360 Games Poll 2009-03-28
It's simple, pick which Xbox 360 game you like the best out of the choices.
Video Game Movies! 2009-04-01
Do You Like Video Game Movies?
Favourite Little Fighter 2009-04-18
This poll is used for finding out who is the most favourite and the most hated LF character. Incl...
SNTM The Girl Who Goes Home #1 Cycle 1 2009-04-27
Pick the girl that you want to go home in episode one in my SNTM.
Video Game's Deadliest Warriors (Episode One) 2009-05-20
Who is Video Games Deadliest Warrior?
The legend of zelda a link to the past 2009-05-29
The legend of zelda a link to the past
Zelda: Twilight Princess Poll 231 2009-06-12
A poll about Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls. I...
Super Paper Mario Poll 231 2009-06-12
A poll about Super Paper Mario. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls.
Tomb Raider Underworld 2009-07-03
All about Tomb Raider Underworld !
COD 4 or WaW 2009-07-15
Which CoD game is better
lego games 2009-07-17
whats the best lego game
TF2 vs Zombies 2009-07-21
Team Fortress 2 vs a zombie apocalypse. You and 5 guys are in an old building with hundreds of zo...
New internet game: VPN wars 2009-07-25
VPN wars (Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas) is a online game made by Meteor Games. Right now it's new, cr...
Add an option to enable/disable the TF2 beta muzzleflashes? 2009-07-25
Add an option to options>>multiplayer>>advanced menu to enable/disable the TF2 BETA m...
Crazy Random Poll. 2009-08-15
Warning. Do not take this poll unless you are expecting it to be bad. Have fun!
Fave Lego Batman Villians 2009-08-23
You choose Your favourite lego batman villian
Your Most Anticipated Game of 2009 2009-08-29
Your Most Anticipated Game of 2009
Videogames benefits 2009-09-08
Getting opionion about the new abilities fo videogames about benefits for gamers, out of the game.
Discovering Game stats 2009-09-23
Finding out what people think of games consoles and games and what group these people are in.
Cod and Cod4 Favorite Gun 2009-10-01
whats ur favorite gun for cod4 and 5
what is your favourite car 2009-10-23
what is your favourite car
Luigi Game poll 2009-10-26
This poll was made by my brother, Chef Alucard, but he dosn't have an account here. So he have m...
RES Gaming 2009-10-26
weekly poll
Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword 2009-11-04
My second poll. This is about the game Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. (Just 'Fire Emblem' in the US.)