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Sonic The Hedgehog vs Mario 2010-07-14
The fast, blue hedgehog from Sega and the chubby plumber with a red hat from Nintendo.
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Video Game Characters 2017-02-21
Features Lara Croft, Tifa Lockhart, Miranda Lawson, Sonya Blade, Widowmaker and many more. Could ...
Video Game Poll! 2017-02-01
This poll is to figure out, in more detail, the gaming habits of students.
I make too many video game polls. Here's Nintendo VS SEGA, in various questionings...
game spanking 2012-05-07
this is a poll for those who want to see certain spankings in games...... just tell me if there a...
Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character?
Diapering Final Fantasy characters? 2008-01-20
Have you ever played Final Fantasy and figured "they should be wearing a diaper"? I'll...
Strip Games 2002-03-04
I love to play strip poker.
Best Super Smash Bros Melee Character 2006-09-25
What do you think the best character is?
Truth or Dare 2008-10-17
Questions about playing 'Truth or Dare'.
Spin The Bottle 2005-08-09
This is a poll about the game spin the bottle and the various ways to play.
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Video Game Characters Part 2 2018-02-15
Features Quiet, Honoka, Tracer, Sophitia and many more. Could these video game characters win in ...
all major mass effect 1 & 2 choices you made 2011-06-18
vote for what choices you made in mass effect 1 & 2
Final Fantasy VII Quiz!! Take it or DIE!!!!!! 2004-05-02
Anything that involves Final Fantasy 7/VII!! Advent Children is now included at the bottom!
XBOX ONE vs. PS4 2017-01-17
what do you like more XBOX ONE or PS4
Minecraft or Terraria?? 2016-08-13
Who is better
Would You Rather..? 2016-10-23
Would You Rather..?
Favorite games? 2017-09-29 (closed)
Fill in the blank questions not required
Favorite Pokemon Types 2016-01-15
Favorite Pokemon Types
Best Super Mario Bros Game 2016-02-09
In this poll you will choose the best Super Mario Bros game including the New Super Mario Bros, S...
Pokemon Go Need a Code of Ethics - Do you agree? 2016-08-11
<img src=https://s9.postimg.org/q7vqch4nj/pokemon_go_list1_1200x682.jpg/> Augmented Real...
The RoleCraft Roleplayer's Survey 2008-07-02
What kind of MMORPG roleplayer are you? What and how do you think about roleplaying in general? ...
What videogame girl would you rather tickle 2015-07-10
What videogame girl would you rather tickle
try to hold pee 2013-12-17
are u trying to take pee holding challenges here is one
What game should I play next? 2017-07-20
There's a bunch of games that I have yet to play but already have downloaded on my ps4. I just fi...