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Who would win? 2003-06-25
If all these neat game characters were to encounter each other in a giant tournament, who would win?
best games!!! 2003-07-02
these are the games i like from each console, pick your favorites.
The Legend of Zelda poll 2003-07-16
Pick your favorite villans the Zelda games
The Giant Clash of Game Characters (Round 1) 2003-07-24
OK, I've generated some fair fights between game characters, and the winners will progress furthe...
Metal Gear Solid 2003-08-26
I am a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, so I decided to make a poll about it.
Systems 2003-09-08
Ever get in a fight with your friends of which system is better? Heres what other people have to ...
Games 2003-09-29
This poll is about some games that I think are good!:)
Are Roleplaying Game's Satanic? 2003-10-28
D&D, and White wolf's "World of Darkness" (Along with a newer product called Exalte...
'Freedom Force' poll 2003-11-04
This is a poll about the superhero RPG game 'Freedom Force,' for the PC. It's taken a while, but ...
Half-Life 2 Vs. Halo 2 (PC) 2003-11-04
Which is going to win the great war of shooters? (Assuming both are on PC)
Favorite Final Fantasy Stuff 2003-12-05
Okay, this time people I want this poll to be public!! I'm not making them for my own amusement! ...
MARIO 2003-12-05
Which of these iz the best video game?
Now,I have a Playstation.I wanna kinow which games are tye best.
DDR! 2003-12-21
this is a random survey about DDR because i am bored and i wanted to make a poll anyways. Please ...
How many hours a day do you play video games? 2004-03-23
Inquiring minds want to know! How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?
Role Playing Game Title 2004-04-02
I want your opinion on what I should make the title of my horse RPG. I will keep this up until 10...
Popular Mega Man Character 2004-06-07
What is your favorite Mega Man character? Well then, see what is everyone else's favorite is!
Super Street Fighter 2 Character Contest Round 1 2004-06-07
Who Is your favorite character? This is a double elimination contest
The Best Game In The World 2004-06-14
This poll is to find out what game people like the most.
The Best Video Game Poll 2004-08-17
This poll was made to find out what are your favorite video games and other things.
Best Game Ever Tournament Round 2 2004-09-12
Which game is better?
Castlevania Poll 2004-11-07
Which Castlevania game is better?
GanonPoll 1 2004-11-10
This is part 1 of the ganonpolls, I will hold a lote of polls about him in the following schoo...
Which WWE Game is the best? 2004-11-13
Choose the best WWE game of all time
Grand Theft Auto Games 2004-12-03
Questions about all Grand Theft Auto games.