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Magic vs Star Wars 2008-05-03
Me and a friend were arguing over which is better magic or star wars, so just answer the question...
Dynasty Warriors Girls 2008-07-02
Dynasty Warriors Girls
Which Final Fantasy Girl Is Hotter? (VII-X-2)&(XII) 2008-08-12
Which Final Fantasy Girl Is Hotter? (VII-X-2)&(XII)
Random Questions 2008-08-29
i have no idea what i just created... :/
Sonic characters 2008-09-14
the best of sonic
Wii vs 360 vs PS3 2008-10-23
Wii vs 360 vs PS3
Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight 2008-10-26
Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight
Dragon Ball Z vs Marvel vs DC vs Capcom vs Mortal Kombat Video Game 2008-11-21
this is a poll asking what would you want in a video game featuring these 5 Brands
The best type of PC game 2008-12-04
The best type of PC game
Online Games 2009-01-03
My mom absolutely refuses to let me play any online game that involves another online player. Thi...
Mario Kart 64 Poll 2009-01-17
Random Survey of Mario Kart 64
Favourite Gaming Charactor? 2009-02-15
Favourite Gaming Charactor?
Best Ratchet & Clank 2009-02-16
What Game Did you Enoy Most?
Which GTA is the best! 2009-04-25
I want to know you personal opinion on which GTA version is the best out of the ones that I name!
Video Game Character Battle 2009 2009-05-11
Video Game Character Battle
Mass Effect 2009-05-29
What do you think of Mass Effect characters and the game in general.
Should Sonic the Hedgehog stop making games? 2009-06-17
Sonic the Hedgehog has had a few bad games. Is it time to hang up the sneakers forever?
Final Fantasy Vs. Zelda 2009-06-29
Final Fantasy Vs. Zelda
Favorite Character In Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games? 2009-08-04
Favorite Character In Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games?
Best Games 2008/2009 2009-09-23
Best Games 2008/2009
Video games do/do not promote violence? 2009-11-22
I am doing this for a school project and I would greatly appreciate you to participate. Any other...
Tommy Vercetti vs Carl Johnson 2009-12-04
In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the protagonist was Tommy Vercetti. In its sequel, Grand Theft Au...
COD : Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer - The best class 2009-12-20
This poll is about the primary and secondary weapons, the equipments, the perks and the deathstre...
Motorstorm Pacific Rift Poll 2010-02-04
Just some questions about motorstorm and stuff...