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What Do You Think Of COD Ghosts? 2013-11-18
Title Says All
Minecraft!! 2013-12-09
How frequently do people make minecraft polls? Stick with us and don't let zombies on the way get...
Call of Duty 2014-03-17
Call of Duty
Magic the Gathering 2014-04-28
Some general questions for MTG players.
Game Of The Year 2015-01-06
Game Of The Year
Toy Store 2021-12-09
<p>Our <a href="https://www.onetoystore.com/">Onetoystore</a> deals i...
Elven Subrace 2000-02-22
There are 6 Elven Subraces in Dungeons and Dragons.
Media vs. Games 2000-09-12
Many people, like the press, are looking for a scapegoat to point a finger at about all the schoo...
PWSE Championship Sim Poll 2000-12-04
Vote for your favorite sim - the winner becomes the PWSE World Heavyweight Champion!
fun and games 2001-11-16
if you had to choose between owning a pinball machine or a jukebox, which would it be?
SFx Patch v1.3 2001-12-12
Special Fx Mod v1.3 Counter-Strike/Half-Life, it contains the best Skins, sprites, huds, and los...
Xbox vs. Gamecube 2002-01-09
Decide which system is better over all thorugh a series of questions. Please email me at what-316...
VG Stuff 2002-02-11
A Super Smash Bros. Melee Poll
Magic the Gathering 2002-03-14
No one actuall reads this section so I won't waste my time writing it.
please participate and vote for your favourite characters, games ....
D&D: What do you think? 2002-09-18
This poll is about D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). Sorry about the spelling errors.
Fighting video games 2002-10-17
What's the best fighting game series out there?
Classic VS. New RPGs 2002-10-28
Which do you like better the classic role playing games or the new ones?
The Game of the year 2002-12-02
Welcome to my 2002 games of the year poll and also vist my message board at <a href="htt...
games 2003-01-15
this poll is about what type of games people like yourselves enjoy
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance poll 2003-02-09
I'm trying to get a scope for what people think about deadly alliance. Personally I think its one...
Which Final Fantasy Is The Best 2003-05-13
Which game do you like more these all may not be actual Final Fantasies but they have the name
Consle Games: Nintendo 64: 1 vs 1 2003-05-20
Which is Better? ShadowGate 64 or Mario Party 2? Super Smash Bro's or Legend of Zelda: Oracle of ...
Best PC Game 2003-06-18
Best PC game
Who would win? 2003-06-25
If all these neat game characters were to encounter each other in a giant tournament, who would win?