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Mario Kart Poll 2004-11-07
Which Mario Kart game is the Best?
Mega Man Poll 2004-11-07
Which Mega Man game is the Best?
Final Fantasy Poll 2004-11-07
Which Final Fantasy Game is the Best?
Best Star Wars Game Ever Tournament Round 6 2005-07-08
What is the best Star Wars Game?
Spyro and Crash 2005-08-03
Poll is about the purple dragon and the orange bandicoot
Best PC game of all time 2005-08-17
A Huge Poll asking what the very best PC game ever made was.
Girl Gamers 2005-12-06
Do you believe in girl gamers?
PICK ONE!!!!! 2005-12-23
Action games vs Fighting games! 2006-03-13
this is a poll to decide is action or fighting games are better!
Favorite Video game Mascot 2006-06-06
Who's your favorite Video game mascot?
Master of Orion II 2006-06-24
Seems to me Master of Orion II is a great game, but relatively few people have played it and even...
Dungeons and Dragons alignments 2006-08-11
This poll is for people who have played multiple Dungeons and Dragons characters.
Classic Gaming 2006-10-17
Okay, so here's the thing... You vote for favorite game. If you're having trouble deciding, you...
Video game Survey 2006-10-27
I am doing a science project and am doing a survey about the effects of video games on the mind a...
Mortal Kombat Poll 2006-11-30
Some questions about the MK series.
best video game character ever? 2006-12-02
what is the best video game character ever? vote now!
MARIO VS SONIC 2006-12-04
This Is just a little batlle to see whos better. What do you think?
Mario vs. Sonic 2006-12-05
Who do you prefer; Mario ro Sonic!?!
An extensive survey on "GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS" 2006-12-24
This survey is meant to gather data on the various aspects of the hit PS2, Xbox, and PC Game, &qu...
The Doom Poll! 2007-05-10
Ever hear of the game Doom? The greatest FPS ever made? If you have, take this poll!
Video game tournament: Round One 2007-07-03
Welcome to my video game tournament. Here you can vote on your favorite video game characters so ...
best game consol EVER! 2007-07-04
come on! anyone that you think is good!
best game caracter 2007-07-22
best game caracter
Best horror game (PS2)? 2007-08-21
So far (up until PS3), the PS2 seemed to be the best platform for horror games... <br>Which...
Who Thinks Sun Shang Xiang Is Hot? 2007-09-02
Do You Think Shang Xiang Hot?