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Fave Playstation Console 2004-02-28
Fave PS console
Censorship in The Sims 2004-03-30
Hello i am big fan of the game The Sims everything is so great but there is one thing that is rea...
Role Playing Game Title 2004-04-02
I want your opinion on what I should make the title of my horse RPG. I will keep this up until 10...
Pok'emon 2004-04-25
I made this poll because I want to know people's oppinion on Pokemon.
Final Fantasy Moments 2004-07-16
Which is your favorite Final Fantasy Moment? Wanna tell us? Then scroll down and answer a few que...
The Best Video Game Poll 2004-08-17
This poll was made to find out what are your favorite video games and other things.
Best Game Ever Tournament Round 2 2004-09-12
Which game is better?
Which Game Is Better Tournament Round 1 2004-10-11
Which games are better.
Final Fantasy Poll 2004-11-07
Which Final Fantasy Game is the Best?
GanonPoll 1 2004-11-10
This is part 1 of the ganonpolls, I will hold a lote of polls about him in the following schoo...
Halo 2 vs. Half Life 2 vs. Doom 3 2004-12-03
These three games are three of the best first person shooters I have ever played. Although I lik...
Comparing Video Game Series 2004-12-12
I am wondering what series are better
Teens Today 2005-01-31
Another poll by D-Man. This time its a poll on what teens today do. Ages 14-18 are allowed to vot...
Kinda New Console Battle 2005-03-16
The Showdown between the five consoles of today.
Next Gen. Video Games 2005-06-23
Questions about the new video games of the next gen.
Best Star Wars Game Ever Tournament Round 6 2005-07-08
What is the best Star Wars Game?
Pokemon Poll 2005-07-29
My friends and I still haven't grown out of Pokemon. The TV show is gay, but the concept is fasc...
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance 2005-08-04
MK poll
Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Music Poll 2005-10-07
Welcome, Sonic fans! In this poll, I ask what you thought of the music of Sonic Adventure and its...
Advance Wars 2005-10-27
Just a regular poll about the Nintendo Wars series.
what is more important to you in games? 2005-11-18
just telling you i hate xbox and i think playstation is the best.
What's Your Favorite MK Game? 2005-11-19
There have been a BUNCH of Mortal Kombat games, which one do YOU prefer?
Really hard quiz on Splinter cell, pandora tomorrow 2005-11-26
Can you answer these?
Girl Gamers 2005-12-06
Do you believe in girl gamers?
ps2 vs. xbox 2005-12-06
which is better