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POKEMON! 2014-01-20
I will cover a variety of subjects involving Pokemon. I'll try not to make it tedious. Enjoy!
What video game systems do you own? 2014-06-13
What video game systems do you own?
Geometry Dash Skills! 2015-04-08
So, I searched up Geometry Dash! But I found nothing! So here, ladies and gentlemen, is maybe the...
Pok 2016-08-11
<img src=https://s9.postimg.org/q7vqch4nj/pokemon_go_list1_1200x682.jpg/>
Sonic Adventure Music Poll 2017-06-06
Hi there, fellow Sonic The Hedgehog fans, this poll is all about music from Sonic Adventure, cast...
Do You Know The Gambling Facts? 2021-08-24
Do You Know The Gambling Facts?
What is the all the time greatest beat 'em up??? 2002-02-14
What is the best beat 'em to you so far???? Sorry if I miss any out but I will name the most kno...
What game has the best music? 2002-03-27
From Sonic 1 to SA2B, It's time to name games.
What sonic character is your favorite? 2002-04-15
Almost every Sonic Character listed. Have fun.
Who is the greatest superhero? 2002-06-25
Of all the superheroes there have been great ones, but who is the greatest?
Finally a good Starcraft Quiz 2002-07-14
Hey... now that I've made a name for myself in the final fantasy series... I thought I'd branch o...
Violence and Sex in Video Games 2002-08-19
10 years ago a game like gta 3 would've been unheard of. But despite the controversy gta 3 has s...
D&D Classes 2002-10-03
I want to know witch on the Dungeon and Dragon classes people take the most.
Who's the Best Sonic Character 2003-03-04
Hello. Who is better then Sonic?
Gary Kasparov VS Bobby Fisher 2003-03-28
Gary Kasparov VS Bobby Fisher
What Is your best game on the gamecube? 2003-05-23
tell me your best game on the gamecube?
Charcacter Battles 2003-09-18
These are matches for great rivalries
X-BOX Vs PS2 2003-11-15
What game system would you rather own?
Halo vs Goldeneye 2004-01-16
This is a poll
Fave Playstation Console 2004-02-28
Fave PS console
Censorship in The Sims 2004-03-30
Hello i am big fan of the game The Sims everything is so great but there is one thing that is rea...
Dare and forfeit games 2004-08-13
A poll to find out what people get up to when playing games!
Which Game Is Better Tournament Round 1 2004-10-11
Which games are better.
Mario Kart Poll 2004-11-07
Which Mario Kart game is the Best?
Mega Man Poll 2004-11-07
Which Mega Man game is the Best?