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pokemon games...PLEASE VOTE 2006-08-19
Hi, i just wanted to know if pokemon games are still at least a little in. I know I like them, b...
Favorite Superhero Game 2006-08-21
This poll allows voters to choose their favorite superhero game from a list of several popular ex...
Pacman 2006-09-04
I just love pacman ! How bout you?
Classic Gaming 2006-10-17
Okay, so here's the thing... You vote for favorite game. If you're having trouble deciding, you...
Video Game Ideas 2006-10-24
You must rate various video game ideas.
Mortal Kombat V.S. Tekken 2006-11-15
This will be hard...
Why do you play MMOG games? 2006-12-05
Why do you play MMOG games?
Best Board Game 2006-12-15
What board games would you find in a perfect game room?
Best Zelda game 2007-01-10
Wich one do u think is the best zelda game ever made?
GTA: San Andreas Stories 2007-01-10
What should they put on GTA: SAS (provided if they are going to produce it)
Games 2007-03-13
Click on your favourite game and vote
The Doom Poll! 2007-05-10
Ever hear of the game Doom? The greatest FPS ever made? If you have, take this poll!
best game consol EVER! 2007-07-04
come on! anyone that you think is good!
best game caracter 2007-07-22
best game caracter
hottest video game girl 2007-07-24
This is for all the people who are attracted to video game girls.
Crazy NBC kids Game Poll 2007-09-24
Whatever game gets the most votes will be on the site. Every week we will put on new games.
Truth or dare!! 2007-11-19
i did this cause i want more ideas for playing the game and i wanna see what other people do when...
video games, man! 2008-01-17
video games, man!
Super Mario Galaxy 2008-01-20
Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach in this out-of-this-world platformer for the Wii. ...
Magic vs Star Wars 2008-05-03
Me and a friend were arguing over which is better magic or star wars, so just answer the question...
Dynasty Warriors Girls 2008-07-02
Dynasty Warriors Girls
Which Final Fantasy Girl Is Hotter? (VII-X-2)&(XII) 2008-08-12
Which Final Fantasy Girl Is Hotter? (VII-X-2)&(XII)
Random Questions 2008-08-29
i have no idea what i just created... :/
The best type of PC game 2008-12-04
The best type of PC game
Celebrity Death Fights 10: Video Game Showdown 2009-01-03
Number 10!!YAY!!