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The Best Game Versus Poll EVER!!! 2006-04-18
I hope you like it. Answer as many as possible. It's sort of long.
Favorite Street Fighter characters 2010-05-03
Choose a character like you best from each of the following categories.
Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter 2009-08-25
What is better about each game series?
Bet your shoes 2009-11-29
One time a friend was trying to get his job done at work early so he could go out on a date. I b...
Mortal Kombat V.S. Tekken 2006-11-15
This will be hard...
Runescape vs world of warcraft (wow) 2008-10-03
Runescape vs world of warcraft (wow)
Dynasty Warriors 6! 2005-03-26
This is a poll of what you would like to see in Dynasty Warriors 6.
Rival School Cheer Leading Bet 2010-02-12
I am the varsity cheer leading captain at my school and as a squad we agreed to a bet with our ri...
Charcacter Battles 2003-09-18
These are matches for great rivalries
The Pokémon 2007-02-28
Just answer what you think would be the most appropriate answer for you. If you can't tell, this ...
The FFX Freaks' Quiz 2003-01-03
Think you are a real FF10 Freak? Try this!
PS3 vs Xbox360 vs WII 2007-10-02
This a poll to see which console is better
Getting gunged 2015-11-16
All about getting gunged (covered in messy slime) or gunging other people
Heroes of newerth 2009-12-22
Vote for the next video !!
SNES Hub Top 200 Rankings 2014-12-16 (closed)
Hello, this is a poll brought to you by the SNES Hub! We're an SNES fansite looking to reach out ...
Starcraft Quiz 2005-03-22
This is my quiz on the best game in the world, Starcraft. I hope you enjoy it :).
Strip Poker 2001-11-14
This poll is for anyone who MIGHT be interested in playing strip poker.
Best PSX RPG & Divisions 2001-01-11
This is for the best PSX RPG of all time.
DW6 Characters 2005-12-12
who should be in the next Dynasty Warriors game, in each topic you can pick as many people as you...
DLC,Patches and changes for Mortal Kombat request 2011-04-23 (closed)
Making a poll for Mortal Kombat 9 hoping to see some action taken by the MK team to resolve some ...
This is where you will VOTE on what you would like to see happen with RESIDENT EVIL in the next 2...
Best Mario Kart 2015-08-26
Choose your favorite Nintendo Mario Kart Game.
Which character do you like most? 2009-12-21
Which character is the best
Motal Kombat Poll 2004-12-08
This poll is about Mortal Kombat, games, films, characters and so on.
WLName 2008-07-23 (closed)
Tribe Name