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Mario or Sonic? 2006-06-09
Do you like Nintendo's Super Mario or Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog?
Xbox 360 vs PS3 2009-05-11
Xbox 360 vs PS3
Resident Evil vs. Left 4 Dead 2010-04-26
Resident Evil vs. Left 4 Dead
Cutest Villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf (Male) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest male villager from ACNL, based on personality.
Kingdom Hearts 2!!! 2006-04-13
I just got Kingdom Hearts 2, and it has to be one of my favorite games ever! I must have complete...
The Complete Nintendo Poll 2006-11-24
This is a poll for Nintendo gamers. All questions are Nintendo related.
XBOX 360 or PS3 2008-01-31 (closed)
Who will win the Next Gen battle, mind you the Wii is cute but that's it.....
SMASH BROS BRAWL!!!!!! 2008-02-06
Sonic characters 2008-09-14
the best of sonic
Xbox 360 vs. PS3 2008-10-01 (closed)
pick wich is the beter game console:)
About You & Your Eve Character 2009-05-02
Just 12 simple questions about you and your Eve in-game character.<br /> <br /> This ...
Classic Rivalries! Who Would Win These Fights? 2016-03-01
Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked "Who would win in a fight" questio...
MARIO 2003-12-05
Which of these iz the best video game?
Crash Bandicoot 2007-01-10
All about Crash Bandicoot
Best Console 2008-06-04
Best Console
Favourite Characters 2008-06-16 (closed)
Favourite Characters
DC Vs. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2008-11-04
Comic book and video game bloodshed!!!
Nazi Zombies Favourite Map 2009-04-03 (closed)
All [TSA] - Shadowlou alliance members this is our poll on what map we like for Nazi Zombies . ...
Favorite Mario Character 2009-08-11
Favorite Mario Character
What race should I play in my Skyrim Let's Play? 2012-03-02
What race should I play in my Skyrim Let's Play?
Tekken Tag Tournament 2003-01-27
Just a few questions about the great PS2 game Tekken Tag Tournament
What is the best gaming console ever? 2005-04-01
what do you think is the best gaming console ever?
WoW Poll 2006-08-18
Whats your favorate Class?
Super Smash Bros. Brawl New Poll 2006-12-09
I´ve been playing the legend of zelda the twilight princess for a week and then i remembered wha...
wii vs. Xbox 360 vs.ps3 2008-01-02