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what are the best games?
VS: Xbox 360 Games Poll 2009-03-28
It's simple, pick which Xbox 360 game you like the best out of the choices.
grand theft auto 2009-05-11
grand theft auto
Squares or Rulers? 2009-10-08
Squares or Rulers?
The Number 1 Video Game of All-Time. 2010-04-08
The Number 1 Video Game of All-Time.
MW2/blackops poll 2010-09-21
A quick poll for Call Of Duty Fans
Games Mixed Wrestling 2012-04-11
For fans of games and mixed wrestling
What is the best next gen console 2006-03-05
Vote for what you like
The Sims 2 Poll 2007-03-06
Hi, I know The Sims 2 is popular so just take the poll.
Mortal Kombat Vs.DC Universe 2008-10-14
Who Do You Think Would Win?
What do you think about MH after the update ?? 2009-04-28 (closed)
Rate MH
Final Fantasy Freaks 2000-12-21
Are you a Final Fantasy Freak? Can you hum the theme music in your head? Or do you sing it out lo...
Sonic or Mario 2006-03-22
Ok, let's get down to buisness. My friends and i have differents views when it comes to Sonic and...
hottest video game girl 2007-07-24
This is for all the people who are attracted to video game girls.
Crysis vs Call of Duty 4 2008-03-13
These are two very cool FPS. Lets see which one is the best
Elementapedia - The Poll! 2009-10-16 (closed)
Elementapedia - The Poll!
Call of Duty Sniper Questions for Black Ops. 2010-06-16
Great Deal of Information For Call of Duty Black Ops.
Dead rising 2007-08-08
These are polls about the hit zombie game
PSP vs Nintendo DS 2007-10-02
This poll is about which hand held console is better
Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Halo 3 2008-03-04
Which do you like more?
Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight 2008-10-26
Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight
Your SRPG preferences 2009-07-25
Hopefully, you are taking this poll because you are a fan of Strategy RPGs (or Tactics RPGs) such...
Tekken 7 features 2010-06-01
This poll is to show what features that fans on both sides are requesting.
What kind of gamer are you? 2003-02-02
This poll is about what kind of gamer you are?
"The Sims 2" In Depth 2005-04-16
Now that we all have it, how are you doing? We're going to talk about everything from food to na...