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What faction will you play in Rift? 2011-02-17 (closed)
What faction will you play in Rift?
Halo vs. Timesplitters 2 2004-08-17
Two of the most popular shooting games are Timesplitters 2 and Halo. This poll was made to find ...
Greatest Game Poll EVER !!*****!*!*!*!**!*!*! 2005-02-11
which are better in diff categories
Greatest Video Game of All Time! 2006-02-13
In this poll, we will decide what you think is the greatest video game of all time, spanning all ...
All about sonic!!!! 2006-05-11
this poll is all about sonic
Video game tournament: Round One 2007-07-03
Welcome to my video game tournament. Here you can vote on your favorite video game characters so ...
DS vs PSP 2008-10-25
SVR 2010 2009-01-05
SVR 2010
Ultimate Vs. Poll Round 2 2011-04-25
Well well, round two! We're down to half from what we started with. Sora, Black Mage, Simon Belmo...
Mortal Kombat, The greatest use of digital gore 2005-03-22
I think that the Mortal Kombat series is brilliant and not much can change my mind, but what abou...
Video Game Violence 2006-02-20
Hello! Thanks for coming. This poll is mainly for a paper I'm working on for a class. I wish to a...
Greatest Video Game Character of All Time 2006-04-13
So, who is it?
Guitar Hero III 2008-02-26
About Guitar Hero III!
Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3 2008-06-02
Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3
Who Do You Want in SSBB? 2006-06-09
This is just a poll to see what reasonable characters you want in SSBB.
Street Fighter character face off 2008-06-09
Alright, so I've had the idea to do a poll like this for quite a while, & I finally got the t...
How much do you typically pay for a game? 2011-11-17
How much do you typically pay for a game?
Who would win? 2003-06-25
If all these neat game characters were to encounter each other in a giant tournament, who would win?
XBOX SUCKS 2004-10-07
XBOX is the worst console ever!!!
Guild Wars V World Of Warcraft 2006-11-05
It seems this arguement will never end and im sure it never will, but it would help having proof ...
Nintendo vs sony vs microsoft 2007-01-27
which can really make video games.
Remove spies long backstab attack 2009-02-04
Would you like to keep or remove the spies long backstab attack. I call it attack and not animat...
Best Video Game of 2010 2011-01-25
Best Video Game of 2010
Favorite Mario Kart 2013-07-15
Favorite Mario Kart
ultimate counter strike poll 2006-06-21
counter strike (pc and xbox versions)