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Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat 2008-10-14
Street Fighter II: CHampion Edition Vs. Mortal Kombat II: What side will you choose?
Your most wanted L4D feature 2009-04-07
What is the feature you feel like absolutely necessary for a next upgrade ?
super smash bros 4 most wanted and unwanted charcters 2010-03-22
super smash bros 4 what characters do you want the most and the least?
Mortal kombat (9) 2010 character and feature poll, For serious fans 2010-07-10
A poll thats meant to see who wants Mk 9 to be serious or the lame comical joke it has been since...
parents, question. 2007-02-24
ok this poll is about video games and movies, why is it that parents nowadays don't care if a gam...
The best Smash Bros. Brawl characters 2007-07-25
Yeah so basically here is few characters I'd like to see in brawl, and by few I mean a lot. I don...
Truth or Dare (GUYS ONLY) 2010-04-24
I'm having friends over and we will be in a tent in my back yard and don't know what to do and an...
who is the best fighting game character 2012-05-04
vote for your favorite fighting game character out of........ Street Fighter Tekken Mortal Kombat...
Bust-A-Groove 2003-06-23
Vote on stuff about the video games Bust-A-Groove 1 and 2.
Legend of Zelda Freaks! 2003-07-16
Which game of Zelda do you think...
Types of PS2 Games 2003-09-03
The Xperts Asking:
Zelda Poll 2003-10-08
Of all the games I have played, the Zelda series are my favorite. So, here's my first poll about it.
Nintendo Characters 2007-02-17
Please vote for your favorite Nintendo characters.
COD4 or Halo 3? 2008-04-09
COD4 or Halo 3?
Rivalries and Fights - Dead or Alive 2013-05-06 (closed)
rivalries and fights based on the story of the characters of Dead or Alive - vote for the best fi...
The Giant Clash of Game Characters (Round 1) 2003-07-24
OK, I've generated some fair fights between game characters, and the winners will progress furthe...
Favourite Final Fantasy couples (7 to 10-2) 2004-09-28
This is a poll I haven't seen many of - a poll about the FF couples and who your favourites are! ...
samurai warriors 3 2008-10-06
samurai warriors 3
Left 4 Dead, No Mercy Glitches 2009-01-01
You opinion on many glitches in left 4 dead on No Mercy
Olympiad 2010-08-20
Survey about l2 hero system.
Super Smash Bros. 4 Wanted Characters 2011-08-13 (closed)
Super Smash Bros. 4 is on the way and Sakurai will most likely focus on the Japanese and their fa...
The wondrous Zelda poll 2003-11-11
Another Zelda poll, but longer than most other. And these Zelda polls can't get too many, right?
ultimate comparison of halo games 2007-10-09
which game in the halo series is the best one of all (think in terms of weapons, vehicles, grenad...
OLD SCHOOL POKEMON WAR! 2007-12-14 (closed)
It's some of the OLD pokemon. Old as in like pikachu and charmander squirtle....ect.
cod vs halo 2010-07-13
me and my friend were debating if call of duty or halo was better.