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Tommy Vercetti vs Carl Johnson 2009-12-04
In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the protagonist was Tommy Vercetti. In its sequel, Grand Theft Au...
who to gunge 2013-06-24
decides how gets gunged me or my partner :)
Mario Sports Mix characters 2010-07-05
Who will be your main character in Mario Sports Mix (only confirmed characters at this moment).
SSB4 DLC Poll 2010-07-08
Halo vs. Grand Theft Auto 3 2002-10-03
Hello.Here, you can vote for halo or grand theft auto 3.They are both very good.Which one is bet...
Grand Theft Auto Games 2004-12-03
Questions about all Grand Theft Auto games.
Counter-Strike: Source Poll 2007-12-06
This poll is about the popular first-person shooter named Counter-Strike: Source which is a remak...
General Video Game Poll 2008-03-03
...For a class project, and in general curiosity. It's pretty basic...
Kingdom Hearts 1 vs. 2 2008-03-31
I'm trying to decide which one to buy, so I was wondering which one you guys think is best.
Kingdom Hearts 2 Poll =D 2009-05-28
A long Kingdom Hearts poll for everyone KH obsessed! =D My first poll; hope you like it!
Finally a LONG Final Fantasy Poll 2003-07-16
Yay, a long Final Fantasy poll! Lo and behold, every FF maniac.
Dante Vs. Spawn 2005-06-21
Who would win in a fight to the death between two rebels from Hell
Call of Duty 4 Weapons 2008-10-07
just wondering what peoples' favorite weapons are in COD 4.
How much time do YOU bot using RSBot? 2008-11-15
This is just me wondering how much time you bot in RuneScape? using RSBot
Why people think Xbox sucks 2003-04-08
Find out what what parts of xbox people hate.
SSBB Poll 2008-04-17
Mario Poll 2008-11-18
Mario Poll
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 2009-03-08 (closed)
What do you want for M&S Winter Games
Neopets: Rich or not? 2004-03-24
This poll is to see the level of all around wealth in Neopians around here...
Final Fantasy Poll 2004-11-07
Which Final Fantasy Game is the Best?
Rock Band vs Guitar Hero 2008-02-01 (closed)
which is better?
Video Games Poll 2004-04-24
A bunch of polls for video gamers.
best video game character ever? 2006-12-02
what is the best video game character ever? vote now!
SSB4 Characters 2011-08-24 (closed)
SSB4 Characters
Which is better 360 or PS3? 2005-11-24
Taking into account that the XBox 360 has a better games launch list, 42 times the graphics power...