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Scorpions games Poll 2002-04-01
Welcome, I have had a few games polls before, and the results were so interesting that i chose to...
NWN camera angle 2002-06-25
This poll is designed to determine the percentage of NWN players that are in favor of a camera an...
Star Craft ¤Pole¤ 2003-06-10
So, What's your favorite units? Your #1 Strategy? The Best Heroes? C'mon I wanna know. Check out ...
'Freedom Force' poll 2003-11-04
This is a poll about the superhero RPG game 'Freedom Force,' for the PC. It's taken a while, but ...
Vietcong playing poll 2004-01-07
Since when do you play Vietcong?
The Gathering 2004-04-30
Here at the Gathering we strive to give you the very best in mudding. In order to do that, we ask...
D.I.C.E Amiga Game 2004-05-19
This company has the roots in Amiga Demoscene where it was known as group "The Silents"...
The Big Game Hero Championship 2004 ROUND 2 2004-10-12
This is the 2nd round of the tournament. The question is the same:Who is the best video game hero...
The Big Game Hero Championship 2004 SEMI-Final!!! 2004-10-29
Welcome back to the video game characters'tournament!The 2nd round was exciting,because there wer...
Xbox 2 Wins Next Generation War 2004-12-15
Sony is doomed! Xbox2 is going to take over the gaming universe
Outwar(rpg) 2005-01-13
this is about the best crews and the best players
Ninja Gaiden 2 2005-02-14
Maybe in the near future..........................
Miss Horde 2005 2005-09-13
Pick your poison!
CHRISS GAMES 2005-09-19
if you like games try this
Dynasty Warriors Created Characters 2006-01-09
I want to see What people think Of THe Create A Character Sytem
Should they Reset Rank 2006-04-11
Should Sony Reset rank on socom 3
Final Fantasy Match Up 2006-05-13
Who do you think your win out of the following
Should XOL minigun be fixed? 2006-08-28
UT has a bug which means that when the tickrate is increased, the minigun (and pulse) become more...
XGP Series Design Preferences Poll 2006-09-28
Cast your vote for your preferences in the design of GamePark's upcoming XGP and XGPmini handhelds.
VRP Vanguard Poll 2006-12-09
This poll is for members of vanguardroleplayers.com to share their thoughts on game mechanics, in...
New Stand-Alone Final Fantasy Sequel 2007-02-15
There have been many sequels or spin-offs of the Final Fantasy series, most recently Dirge of Cer...
Mario VS DK 2 2007-07-22
User made levels
the best video game powers to have ! 2008-07-22 (closed)
What powers or ability would you have in a video game?
Should I Release My Aimbot After the 8/8/08 Patch? 2008-08-13 (closed)
After the 8/8/08 patch... most third-party program especially aimbots didn't work.. just curious...
Ultimate Survivor R2 2008-10-25 (closed)
Last time on Ultimate Survivor you voted off Ino, Bunsen, Snowballs 2, Meg, Thor, Catman, Gabriel...