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Which do you think is the best name for a raiding guild? 2009-10-08 (closed)
Which do you think is the best name for a raiding guild?
Sudoku Poll 2009-12-08
Post-Doomsday Video Game 2009-12-21
Recently, I have been working on the conceptual phase of a video game. Taking place in the expans...
Math Internal Assesment project Poll 2009-12-21 (closed)
For my project in math, I am taking a poll to see how many people play video games and the types ...
Poker preferences 2010-01-06
I would like to know what you like and dislike about brick and mortar poker rooms. These question...
What should my new system be? 2010-02-04
My Xbox 360 just died and since it's tax refund season I would like a little guidance to which sy...
-----------PC's vs Consoles-------------- 2010-03-22 (closed)
My team are tryind to find out which is better console or PC?
If you could create a special infected for a L4D game, what would it be like? 2010-04-22 (closed)
A poll to test your creativity.
Cyberpunk Game 2010-05-02 (closed)
Which city do you envision yourself playing? This is to determine the eligibility of a certa...
Original Everquest 2010-05-27
Private servers? 2010-06-16
Just do it!
lets play on youtube 2010-07-04
my youtube channel, cppro10, is a place where i wanna lets play, so i wanna see what video game y...
Would you buy a book claiming to have predicted 2 winning lotto jackpot numbers 2010-07-04 (closed)
There are a few book out claiming to tell you how to win the lottery, but none claim to have pred...
What do you think of project NATAL? 2010-07-08 (closed)
Microsoft annouced controller free gaming, what do you think of it?
What do you think of Mikayla (Sims 2 Series) For Sims 2 Fans! 2010-08-10
What do you think of my series. If you never heard of it but love to watch machinima go to www.yo...
What is the worst bad future in sonic cd? 2010-08-28
What is the worst bad future in sonic cd?
digital distribution 2010-09-14
digital distribution
Resident evil questionnaire 2010-09-14 (closed)
Resident evil questionnaire
Mortal Kombat 2010-09-18
Kung Lao vs Liu Kang
wish sonic character and team should have there own video game 2010-11-01
hey eveyone i whated to know from you guys wish sonic character and team should have there own game
Ultimate Game Character Showdown - [Round 4 (Quarter Finals)] 2010-11-07 (closed)
time for round 4 pick who u think would win in a 1 on 1 fight to the death
Ho-oh vs. Lugia 2010-12-10 (closed)
Old school debate from the gold/silver era
Pokemon Matches (Who would win?) 2011-04-22 (closed)
Mark the answers of which who you think could win
Which Would Be A Better Water Type? 2011-04-23
My team includes: Snivy-Servine-Serperior Sandile-Krokorok-Krookodile Blitzle-Zebstrika Axew-...
What are some things you would change about World of Warcraft, given the chance? 2011-05-02
What things would you change about WoW?