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Were the BAFTA game awards accurate? 2004-03-22
In Febuary 2004, as sub-section of the Interactive BAFTAs, there was a BAFTA games awards. Some s...
Console Bootchip? 2004-03-24
Intro: Do you have a bootchip in your console?
The Reality TV Clash 2004-08-29
Vote for the person you want to win the first Head of Tribe Competition since the 2 tribes have m...
Are you ready for innovation? 2004-10-21
With recent anouncments that Nintendo is going to revolutionise the way games are played. (And we...
The favourite D&D Miniatures set 2004-11-07
The D&D Miniatures game has now been out for a year and has five sets. This poll attempts to ...
GanonPoll 1 2004-11-10
This is part 1 of the ganonpolls, I will hold a lote of polls about him in the following schoo...
Halo 2 (Version 2) 2004-11-13
Now that Halo 2 is out, what do you think?
Best Game Ever Tournament Round 5 2004-12-08
Which Game is Better?
DarkWars 2005-01-25
what is your favourit online-game 2005-02-14
hey tell me what your favourit online game is
Who do you think should be in this game 2005-06-01
Im making a X-Men game..
Orbiter 2005-07-06
In the Orbiterforums the question arose how many people play Orbiter and how many would be willin...
50 cent bullet proof 2005-08-02
50 cent bullet proof
DS RACER 2005-10-07
i have created this new ds racing game idea check out this picture. free.7host02.com/scorpionkid/...
splinter cell: double agent 2006-02-22
well recently dscovered splinter cell 4 is in the making and wanted to know what people are think...
How many people do u know that have joined swg after NGE 2006-02-26
How many people do u know that have joined swg since NGE?
Poll #1 2006-03-05
First Poll. --- Will Darkside Wrestling Live Long?
Will You Be Buying LCS For PS2 2006-03-12
who is going to buy LCS for the ps2
are those who like "werewolf the forsaken" stupid?" 2006-03-13
Are those who think that Werewolf the forsaken is better then werewolf the apocylpse mentally ret...
No more first-party titles for the Xbox :( 2006-03-17
Did you hear that Microsoft is now only releasing stuff for xbox 360 now? Your opinion please.
Who Has The Better Worldwide Leader Of Games! 2006-06-07
Who is Better? Sony's Ken Kutaragi or... Nintendo's Satoru Iwata!
Area 51 2006-08-14
couple of Area 51 questions
The Ultimate Vanguard Poll 2006-08-18
There were lots of polls about Vanguard... "PvP/PvE", "Loss v. Debt", "W...
Second Gran Turismo 3 Poll 2006-10-13
A continued version of my last poll. Have fun.
Red Alert 2006-10-25
This is a poll about the game Red Alert. If there is anything you think I have forgotten then ple...