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Winter Challenge 2013-04-19
Winter Challenge
Tobuscus 2013-05-03
You think you know Tobuscus let's see
Bloons Tower Defence 2013-05-07
Bloons Tower Defence
What I should post more of? 2013-11-12
What my viewers think I should post more of?
Pok 2016-08-11
<img src=https://s9.postimg.org/q7vqch4nj/pokemon_go_list1_1200x682.jpg/>
Thief Games: Original or Remake? 2016-11-29
The Thief games were bought by another company a while back, and they made a remake. Do you pref...
Sonic Generations Music Poll 2017-06-03
Hi there, fellow Sonic The Hedgehog fans, this poll is all about music from Sonic Generations, ca...
Sonic Adventure Music Poll 2017-06-06
Hi there, fellow Sonic The Hedgehog fans, this poll is all about music from Sonic Adventure, cast...
Palladium® 2000-05-21
This poll ain't for the non-gamer, rather anyone interested in Rifts® and other Palladium® systems
Best Games for Consoles 2001-10-02
Vote for the best games for certain consoles.
Final Fantasy VIII 2001-11-09
Hi there! this is a poll about FF8. I hope you like it! byes ^.^ Quisty
Final Fantasy 2001-11-27
Hello and welcome to my Final Fantasy poll. If you have any problems with my poll please E-mail ...
SFx Patch v1.3 2001-12-12
Special Fx Mod v1.3 Counter-Strike/Half-Life, it contains the best Skins, sprites, huds, and los...
What is the Best number of ppl to have in a guild? 2002-01-14
Star Wars galaxies 2003-05-01
Please choose what profession you plan to play in star wars galaxies, what race, planet and allig...
Clan eX Poll 2003-08-02
Clan eX Poll
Pathetic Breath of Fire III Poll 2003-10-28
I wanna know what you think of Breath of Fire III
What's your motherboard chipset 2003-11-19
please select your chipset to see if this relates to the serious error problem.
Survivor Popularity 2003-12-04
This is to see who the viewers favority player is.
Soul_Calibur 2 2003-12-14
What do you think of soul calibur 2?
OXM or XBN? 2004-01-09
I'm wondering, do you have Official Xbox Magazine or Xbox Nation?
New game .[TT]. 2004-01-20
Vote for your fav. game..
Were the BAFTA game awards accurate? 2004-03-22
In Febuary 2004, as sub-section of the Interactive BAFTAs, there was a BAFTA games awards. Some s...
Console Bootchip? 2004-03-24
Intro: Do you have a bootchip in your console?
The Reality TV Clash 2004-08-29
Vote for the person you want to win the first Head of Tribe Competition since the 2 tribes have m...