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What to wager 2015-07-10
I play some online strip/dare games with a male friend (im a girl) and need some ideas for what t...
Super Smash Bros Poll 2001-09-08
This is a super smash bros poll designed for super smah bros king 0.
SW:TOR My rig - June 2009 2009-06-09
- A poll looking at the specifications of the rigs the SW:TOR community currently possess, and wh...
Xbox 2 Vs. PS3 2004-10-21
Is Xbox 2 the winner..... Is PS3 the winner..... Let's find out now...
Favorite Zelda Game 2008-12-12
Favorite Zelda Game
MK9 2011-05-05 (closed)
Thoughts on DLC and the game itself
Changes to dark eldar codex 2004-08-26
I hear that the new Eldar codex, supposedly a compilation of all Eldar variants, will integrate t...
Best video game villain ever. 2008-10-14
Best video game villain ever.
Gaming S.F Project 2010-01-18
Good Afternoon everyone! Currently im working on a Provincial Science Fair project; which, for m...
Video Games. 2006-08-15
Answer questions pertaining to video games.
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time 2012-03-30
Best Video Game Console/Handheld Of All Time
Which Final Fantasy Is The Best 2003-05-13
Which game do you like more these all may not be actual Final Fantasies but they have the name
Battle of The Marvel Universe 2003-08-26
The characters of Marvel battle it out for ultimate supremacy
SVR 2010 2008-12-07
SVR 2010
Super Smash Bros. 4 2010-12-01
I'm pretty sure they're not making a fourth Super Smash Bros. game. But if they are, how would yo...
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008-07-22
Toon Link is my best character to use. What is yours?
best pokemon 2010-11-20
READ THIS: This is a poll for the best pokemon of MY opinion so no one is in the wrong spot and i...
Final Fantasy Villains poll 2001-07-10
there are loads of polls just for the final fantasy heros,but what about the villians(note,this o...
Auron vs. Cloud 2006-05-17
Who would win in a fight? Auron or Cloud...let me know
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 2009-01-20 (closed)
A poll on the legend of zelda ocarina of time
Character Battles 2003-08-28
All your favorite video game characters battling it out for the ultimate character championship! ...
What is the best FPS/RTS/RPG ever ? 2007-05-21
Choose the best FPS/RTS/RPG ever and help others to decide which game they should buy!
Best Mario Kart Wii characters 2009-09-07 (closed)
Best Mario Kart Wii characters
Favorite Legendary Pokemon (Generations 1-5) 2011-04-01
This poll is to find out what the people's favorite legendary Pokemon is, spanning all 5 generat...
2011 Poll for Video Games 2012-01-18
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