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PoM Feedback 2008-06-27
Initial poll for PoM feedback.
Team Fortress 2 Spy backstab animation poll 2009-02-04
The long backstab attack; i'm calling it attack and not animation because it's more then an anima...
The L4D map you hate most is... 2009-04-03
The L4D map you hate most is...
D&D Classes 2002-10-03
I want to know witch on the Dungeon and Dragon classes people take the most.
Greatest RPG Series Of All Time 2009-07-05 (closed)
Please vote for your favorite RPG series. You can vote for more than one if you equally like them...
Best Video Game Ever 2011 2011-01-18
Pick what you think is the best game ever
What video game systems do you own? 2014-06-13
What video game systems do you own?
The coolest Super Mario Music 2006-08-24
We all know that Mario Music is great. But- What is the ultimately most perfect masterpiece made ...
SSBB 2 2008-08-12 (closed)
StarCraft UMS Mapmakers 2006-05-27
A quick poll to see how you make StarCraft UMS maps.
Modern Warfare 2 Weapons 2010-02-27
Favorite MW2 guns in each category
What should Adeptus Evangelion v3 be called? 2013-01-03
We would like your feedback on what we should call Adeptus Evangelion version 3. Which suits it b...
How much do you typically pay for a game? 2011-11-18
Also looking at the price trends between /r/gaming and /r/patientgamers.
Shivering Isles; Includes Mazken vs Aureals 2007-04-24
This poll's about Shivering Isles, the expansion of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in case you haven...
Call of Duty 5: World At War guns poll 2009-08-25 (closed)
The ultimate guns poll
Sonic VS. Mario 2010-01-02
Mario VS. Sonic The Hedgehog
Super Smash Bros. 4 2008-09-07
This is a poll for Super Smash Bros. 4 and what you think that they should have in the game.
PS3 vs. Xbox 360 2010-02-07
PS3 vs. Xbox 360
The Legend of Zelda poll 2003-07-16
Pick your favorite villans the Zelda games
Mario vs. Sonic 2007-12-27
Who is the badass?
Xbox 360 vs PS3 2006-11-28
The Xbox 360 will be vs The PS3!
Tomb Raider vs Prince of Persia 2007-12-18 (closed)
This poll is to find out which game is better - Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia. Both are huge ga...
POLL : Which RPG series have you played ? 2009-07-06 (closed)
Please select every RPG series for which you have played (not necessarily finished) at least one ...
What do you want from Champions Online? 2010-02-04
What do you want from Champions Online?
Ro players wishes 2010-03-28
This poll is made to see what the general wishes and demands of RO players are for the server spe...