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Secret of Mana 2 / Seiken Densetsu 3 2006-06-21
This is a poll concerning the Japanese RPG for the SNES that was fan translated.
GTA San Andreas vs GTA IV 2010-05-10
Two landmark computer games. The Grand Theft Auto series is widely famous. San Andreas, released ...
Kingdom Hearts 2006-07-24
Your favorite Kingdom Hearts Character
Call of Duty 4 Poll #3: Weapons 2008-12-28
My 3rd Call of Duty 4 poll, this time, I'm focusing on the weapons of the game. This will include...
GameFAQs Survey 2008-05-05
This poll is for those that use the popular video game website, GameFAQs.com (or maybe GameSpot).
The Best WWE Or Wrestling Game Ever 2003-09-18
Vote to decide the greatest wrestling game of all-time!
Best RPGs 2004-04-24
Some of the best RPG titles are listed below. Which is your favorite? Also, If I leave any of you...
Halo 2 Covenant vs. Human quiz! 2005-08-28
Just take the quiz already!
Most "Easy Mode" PvP class? 2008-05-05
Which class is the easiest to play in PvP?
[GE]Server Choice for Age of Conan EA 2008-05-22
[GE]Server Choice for Age of Conan EA
World of Warcraft 2008-06-22
World of Warcraft polls. Polls marked in * are required.
Rank the Final Fantasy Games 2010-12-22
This is somewhat a continuation of the last poll, in whic I asked you to select your favorite fin...
Premier Director For The2MWS 2010-06-07 (closed)
Vote for your favorite!
Mario Kard 3DS Roster 2010-07-01
What characters do you want in Mario Kart 3DS?
Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii 2009-01-05 (closed)
Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii
Kingdom Hearts 2 Main Characters. 2006-04-28
I have been playing the Kingdom Hearts games for quite some time now, and my favorite game charac...
sonic trivia 2006-05-31
this poll asks questions about sonic
Misty vs. May 2007-12-14 (closed)
Gaming Questionnaire 2010-10-04
A few questions about your gaming habits for a college project, all answers are appreciated! :)
Ultimate Video Game Poll Part 1 2002-11-06
Do not bother taking this poll if you don't play video games. But if you ever have in the past, o...
Freddy vs Jason vs Pinhead vs Leatherface vs EX. 2005-04-24
Who Wil WIN!!!
Who's your favorite Resident Evil character? 2010-07-28 (closed)
Xbox One or PS4? 2013-06-05
Xbox One or PS4?
Age of Conan gender poll 2008-05-16
If Nintendo makes another Super smash bros. what characters would you prefer? 2008-06-13
If Nintendo makes another Super smash bros. what characters would you prefer?