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Which character do you like most? 2009-12-21
Which character is the best
WLName 2008-07-23 (closed)
Tribe Name
Video Game Poll 2010-12-24
Epic poll about video games.
Which Current next-gen FPS requires the most overall skill? 2007-12-08
Which Current next-gen FPS requires the most overall skill?
Tekken 2010-10-16
Questions about the Tekken gaming series for PS1, PS2 and PS3. Answers greatly appreciated :)
Twister 2008-08-16
Male vs Female Gamers: Behaviors 2011-03-23 (closed)
This survey is to see what the difference in behavior is betwen male and female gamers.
BF3 OR MW3 2011-06-08 (closed)
This fall/winter, which game will you be choosing, or both? Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty: Mo...
Who should be in the next super smash bros? 2008-07-02
Who should be in the next super smash bros?
BingoHollywood Survey 2010-07-26 (closed)
BingoHollywood Survey
Truth Or Dare 18+ 2015-07-22
A Good Old Game Of Truth Or Dare Online!After Every Round, Drink A Large Glass Of Water If You...
Master of Orion II 2006-06-24
Seems to me Master of Orion II is a great game, but relatively few people have played it and even...
MMORPG Versus 2006-11-10
A battle of MMORPG
Blindfolds 2007-04-09
Blindfolds are used in various contexts to create funny or romantic situations, or to teach trust...
Best Characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 2008-06-13 (closed)
Vote here for your favorite characters that you think should be featured in the upcoming sequel t...
Best Video Game Character Ever 2008-01-05
Best Video Game Character Ever
The AAA Titles that should have received >90% on Game Rankings 2009-06-14 (closed)
There are a few things I would like to Clarify, - AAA to me means any of the following: ...
Hottest Girl on League of Legends 2010-05-13
Vote for the Sexiest Chick!
Battle of the century 2010-03-22 (closed)
Fifa10 vs PES2010
Best Video Game Character 2006-06-01
Who is the number one best?
Final Fantasy Moments 2004-07-16
Which is your favorite Final Fantasy Moment? Wanna tell us? Then scroll down and answer a few que...
Final Fantasy QUIZ!! 2006-08-30
Tell me what you choose so I can see how many people like what.
Left 4 Dead 2 poll 2009-12-04
Reaction to Left 4 Dead 2. (Sorry if the questions are out of order. I could not move them for so...
The first Moshi Monsters Poll! 2010-11-23
(Possibly) the first poll on Mister Poll about the famous Moshi Monsters. Have a nice time.
Truth or dare!! 2007-11-19
i did this cause i want more ideas for playing the game and i wanna see what other people do when...