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Ghost Trappers Giveaway 2009-11-10
I would like to start by extending my gratitude to all of those who have donated to my giveaway. ...
CG BC2 Aus SoO 2010-07-08 (closed)
CG BC2 Aus SoO
Dark Carnival 4 crescendo: too hard? 2009-11-29 (closed)
Do you think the crescendo event that ends map 4 (The Barns) in Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival cam...
dynasty warriors 7 2005-12-29
a poll about dynasty warriors 7
Your Six Favorite Pokemon 2009-08-08
Hi! I have created this poll in an effort to find out which pokemon are the most and least popula...
Best Super Smash Bros Melee Character 2006-09-25
What do you think the best character is?
Ufc undisputed 2010 roster 2009-08-27
Ufc undisputed 2010 roster
Who's Better, Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog? 2004-07-10
Which is better...*SEGA*'s mascot, or Nin-ten-do's mascot?
KillZone 2 Controls 2009-02-28 (closed)
This is to put this "debate" a little more in perspective. To really see what the majo...
Make an RPG Character 2006-07-12
When playing an RPG, sometimes the main character is somone you just don't like. What's your pref...
Final Fantasy VII Quiz!! Take it or DIE!!!!!! 2004-05-02
Anything that involves Final Fantasy 7/VII!! Advent Children is now included at the bottom!
Dynasty Warriors 7 2007-12-08
what should be in here.....
Kingdom hearts movie 2006-04-18
Now this one of the games that SHOULD be a film
Finally a good Final Fantasy Quiz 2001-07-08
Hello.. i've noticed the other quizes have left many things out.. Like having all that games favo...
What is the best Final Fantasy game 2006-09-04
This poll is to see what is the best Final Fantasy game once and for all. Well at least until now...
Dofus - The Best class 2006-03-19
this is a dofus poll to c what is the most used class...
What game should I play next? 2012-08-10
What game should I play next?
Age of Conan 1.05 Update - Classes (Overall satisfied?) 2009-07-01
I have had alot of requests for a poll specific to classes. Here ya go! Thanks for voting!
why i hate club penguin 2007-04-07
show us why you think club penguin sucks
*OFFICIAL* Sonic The Hedgehog Opinion Poll 2006-12-08
A few questions on how you feel about the Sonic Team
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class? 2008-11-05
What is the best World of Warcraft race and class?
Server Choice for Age of Conan EA 2008-05-16
Server Choice for Age of Conan EA
Best World of Warcraft Faction, race, class 2007-07-20
Best World of Warcraft Faction, race, class
Pokemon HG/SS 2010-03-22 (closed)
Which one will you be buying? If both select which one you would pick if you could only choose 1.