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wish sonic character and team should have there own video game 2010-11-01
hey eveyone i whated to know from you guys wish sonic character and team should have there own game
Are hunters better after 4.0 2010-10-23 (closed)
Do you think that hunters as they currently stand are better or worse after patch 4.0 ?
city game 2010-10-23
city game
Tekken 2010-10-16
Questions about the Tekken gaming series for PS1, PS2 and PS3. Answers greatly appreciated :)
Mann-conomy Poll 2010-10-16
A poll to gauge how the community feels about the Mann-conomy update.
shooter kombat part 1 2010-10-10
shooter battles 10 questions for part one
What sort of Games do you like 2010-10-09 (closed)
this poll is about finding out what sort of games people prefer
Team Fortress 2 Poll: Select your FAVOURITES 2010-10-09
All of the questions must require an answer. For a list and picture of the hats go here: http:...
Who is the best rapper? 2010-10-09
Who is the best rapper?
What is your favorite PVP ship in EVE Online? 2010-10-09
Which space ship do you have the most fun using for player-vs-player combat in EVE Online?
Video game Questionnaire >Dzn 2010-10-04
i am trying to find out what video games people are playing, why are they playing them, what syst...
Gaming Questionnaire 2010-10-04
A few questions about your gaming habits for a college project, all answers are appreciated! :)
Game Industry 2010-09-30
Game Industry
Mortal Kombat 2011 2010-09-29
Attempting the find out the demands of the more hardcore MK players.
D&D 4th ed Hasbro poll 2010-09-29
In light of Hasbro's corporate takeover of Wizards of the Coast, firing all the gamers, designers...
paul's polls 2010-09-28
paul's polls
What consoles and Type of games do you prefer 2010-09-28
This poll is aimed to see what consoles people prefer and what type of games do they enjoy the most
2D Games 2010-09-27 (closed)
Poll about your view on 2D games?
mister poll 2010-09-27 (closed)
mister poll
The Best Gamertag? 2010-09-27
Vote for which Xbox Live Gamertag you think is the most creative, clever, funny, or insulting ;)....
resident evil questionare 2010-09-27
resident evil questionare
Reseach on People and Their Games 2010-09-27 (closed)
Reseach on People and Their Games
call of duty modern warfare 2 2010-09-27
What do you think about it ?
Killzone3 and Black ops Questionnaier 2010-09-27 (closed)
Killzone3 and Black ops Questionnaier
gameing questionaire 2010-09-27
gameing questionaire