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Halo Reach Cr 2011-01-06
Trying to find out what people think is the best gametype for earning Cr in Halo Reach. Im only i...
Best TF2 Hat 2011-01-06 (closed)
Best TF2 Hat
PS3 or Xbox? 2011-01-02
Sonic The Hedgehog 2010-12-24
Which games and characters do you prefer? I want your options :)
Pick KevinTriforce's Next Let's Play 2010-12-24 (closed)
Whichever game is first is what I will lp first. Then I will do the second place game and then th...
Video Game Poll 2010-12-24
Epic poll about video games.
Rank the Final Fantasy Games 2010-12-22
This is somewhat a continuation of the last poll, in whic I asked you to select your favorite fin...
Star Wars VS Halo & Starcraft 2010-12-22
The Stormtrropers or the UNSC and Terran Marine? Pelican or LAAT? You decide :) This poll is for ...
Games Vs Study 2010-12-17 (closed)
Games Vs Study
What Do You Think Capcom Should Do With Megaman X? 2010-12-17 (closed)
This poll is to get people's opinion on the Megaman X games.
Videogames 2010-12-17 (closed)
State of the Fortress Survey 2010-12-15 (closed)
State of the Fortress Survey
What kind of game would you be most interested in? 2010-12-14
What kind of game would you be most interested in?
Common Video Game Themes 2010-12-14
This is regarding common elements, themes, features, and other fundamentalities included in almos...
Becoming Twilight January 2011 Awards 2010-12-12 (closed)
Please follow the rules for voting carefully. Any rule breaks, and your vote WILL be discounted. ...
favourite video game console 2010-12-12
pick your favourites
The Official Mortal Kombat 9 Poll 2010-12-12 (closed)
The Official Mortal Kombat 9 Poll
Ho-oh vs. Lugia 2010-12-10 (closed)
Old school debate from the gold/silver era
Challenging FFX Quiz 2010-12-04
Challenging FFX Quiz
Super Smash Bros. 4 2010-12-01
I'm pretty sure they're not making a fourth Super Smash Bros. game. But if they are, how would yo...
a new pb game 2010-12-01
a new pb game
Fallout NV 2010-12-01
A poll about fallout new vegas
DotA Lynch Game #14. 2010-12-01
DotA Lynch Game #14.
What Game is Better? 2010-12-01 (closed)
What Game is Better?
Favourite upcoming release? 2010-12-01
Favourite upcoming release?