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Game Launch 2011-02-05 (closed)
Game Launch
Best Final Fantasy/Kingdom hearts....? 2011-02-05
tell me what game has the best stuff,in your opinion :)
Mortal Kombat Characters 2011-01-28
Vote for your favourite characters from each game
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception 2011-01-25
Mortal Kombat Poll-Deception
Mortal Kombat Poll-Characters 2011-01-25
Vote in a series of questions about your fav. characters.
Best Video Game of 2010 2011-01-25
Best Video Game of 2010
Your prefered weapon in A.V.A. 2011-01-22 (closed)
Choose ur preffered weapon for each class :)
Mortal Kombat DLC Poll 2011-01-21
Mortal Kombat DLC Poll
Epic Mickey 2011-01-18
Epic Mickey is yet another Mickey Mouse video game, and is Mickey's biggest video game breakthrou...
Keep Modern Warfare 2 on the Circut 2011-01-18 (closed)
This thread is to keep MW2 on the Pro-Circut. As many people have grown to dislike Black Ops, the...
Video Game Alliance 2011-01-18
The world is coming to an end. And it's up to you to assign a resistance to stop the threat. Who ...
Best Video Game Ever 2011 2011-01-18
Pick what you think is the best game ever
What Pokemon Games do you have? 2011-01-18 (closed)
What Pokemon Games do you have?
What character would you like to see as DLC in the new Mortal Kombat? 2011-01-13 (closed)
Going off Ed Boon's tweet which of the five characters he listed would you like to see being added?
Assassins creed poll 2011-01-13
What would you like to see in next assassins creed game
PS3 or XBOX 2011-01-13 (closed)
Who will win all votes will be a counted for
The gaming quiz/poll! 2011-01-10 (closed)
it will ask several questions and facts about games and gaming..
RAMDOM QUESTIONS!!!! 2011-01-10 (closed)
just some ramdom stuff!
Video games 2011 2011-01-10 (closed)
Video games 2011
Which Crossover would go well with Mortal Kombat 2011-01-10
This is discussing a cross-over between MK.
Eternally Polled (Soul Calibur IV) 2011-01-10
Jennifer Here! With Little to Fear! Anyway, time for multiple Soul Calibur IV - Character battles...
2010-2011 Video Game Poll 2011-01-10
Voice your opinion about the ever going Console Wars between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
choose 2011-01-10
Mario vs Sonic 2011-01-07
A clash of two legendary game series!
fifa manager 2011 or football manager 2011? 2011-01-07
fifa manager 2011 or football manager 2011?