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DLC poll. Goro ,Kintaro, Motaro, Shao Kahn 2011-04-29 (closed)
DLC poll. Goro ,Kintaro, Motaro, Shao Kahn
Terraria Death Penalty 2011-04-29 (closed)
We are trying to decide what the best Death Penalty is for the game Terraria.
Would You Rather 2011-04-29
A list of random questions or scenarios in which you must choose a certain option that is more de...
The OBlivion Project - Final Hour (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) 2011-04-29
Jennifer Here, Rising Up in the Tier! Welcome to Phase 3 of the OBlivion Project! It is called &...
Ultimate Vs. Poll Round 2 2011-04-25
Well well, round two! We're down to half from what we started with. Sora, Black Mage, Simon Belmo...
Which Would Be A Better Water Type? 2011-04-23
My team includes: Snivy-Servine-Serperior Sandile-Krokorok-Krookodile Blitzle-Zebstrika Axew-...
Batman Arkham City. 2011-04-23 (closed)
What do you want to see In the new Batman Game?
DLC,Patches and changes for Mortal Kombat request 2011-04-23 (closed)
Making a poll for Mortal Kombat 9 hoping to see some action taken by the MK team to resolve some ...
Magic the Gathering: Planeswalkers 2011-04-23
In your opinion, who is the best Planeswalker in Magic? Feel free to explain your choice in the ...
New PS3 owner 2011-04-22
What games should I get
Which Club Penguin Arcade game are you? 2011-04-22
Find out which CP arcade game you are!
Pokemon Matches (Who would win?) 2011-04-22 (closed)
Mark the answers of which who you think could win
call of duty or pokemon 2011-04-22 (closed)
me and my friend are having a agument about games
Popular Video Game Elements 2011-04-22
A poll on items/characters/monsters from popular video games (Like a pokeball from pokemon, a goo...
What's your Resident Evil 4 zombie? 2011-04-20 (closed)
What's your Resident Evil 4 zombie?
Guild name 2011-04-16 (closed)
millrush pve guild name
March Mania - Fantastic 4 - Best Video Game of All Time 2011-04-16
We're down to 4. You know how it works.
Favourite Pokemon Starter 2011-04-08
What's your favourite pokemon starter from all the main games?
Pokemon Girl Fights 2011-04-08
Pokemon Girl Fights
Resident Evil 5 - The Top #10 Ways To Annoy Other Players (online) 2011-04-05
Jennifer Here! My God! The Fear! What has been posted up this time? Well I'll tell you! It's the ...
The OBlivion Project - Rebirth (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) 2011-04-01
Jennifer Here! You Feel It Near! That's right! You feel the awesome the rebirth of my incredible,...
Castle Crashers 2011-04-01
Castle Crashers
Which Dodgehawk video is better? 2011-04-01
Which Dodgehawk video is better? See choices for links.
Favorite Legendary Pokemon (Generations 1-5) 2011-04-01
This poll is to find out what the people's favorite legendary Pokemon is, spanning all 5 generat...
Guild Wars! 2011-03-31
A poll to see which profession is favorite.